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New Card format FAQ

1) What are the benefits of using Native Shopping Ads?

Minimal disruption of the end user experience

Native Shopping Ads are responsive and mobile-optimized ad units. They adapt to the size of the container they are placed in. The different variants are designed to display highly relevant ads to visiting users. The above features enable Native Shopping Ads to blend seamlessly into the page content and engage with end users without disrupting their experience.

Flexible and customizable ad units

You can configure these ad units in a variety of ways. You can choose to control the form-factor, number of ads, ad unit caption, products shown, as well as some of the styling elements to ensure that the ads fit well into the overall scheme of the page content. The styling can also be chosen to suit the specific placements that you decide to use the ad units for.

Suitable for different placements within a page

The different formats are suited for different placements on the page – end-of-content as well as in-content. You can choose to place the ad code at a preferred place within an article to maximize engagement. You can also preview the ads before downloading the ad code.

2) Why provide Native Shopping Ads on SiteStripe?

Native Shopping Ads are now available on SiteStripe to make it easier for you to browse and create ads linked to products from, just like for text links.

With the Custom Card ad format on SiteStripe, you can now show a specific product as an ad on your page by visiting the product’s detail page at

3) Which variants and formats of Native Shopping Ads are available on SiteStripe?

Currently, only Card format for Custom Ads is available on SiteStripe.

You can create this new format right from SiteStripe by visiting the product detail page of a specific product at that you want to show in the Custom Ad. The Custom Ad Card format is ideal for in-content placements of single product ads on pages/sections that have content specific to that product. This format is available for all US associates exclusively via SiteStripe.

Click here to read a detailed guide.

4) Why don’t I see SiteStripe on Amazon?

For the SiteStripe tool to appear, you must be logged in to using the same email ID with which you registered on the Associates Central portal. Also, if you disabled the Site Stripe toolbar previously, you must enable it on the SiteStripe configuration page on the Associates Central portal.

5) Why can’t I locate Native Shopping Ads on my SiteStripe toolbar?

Native Shopping Ads are only available to publishers in the US currently. Therefore, only US publishers will be able to create ad codes from SiteStripe. Please make sure that you are logged in to using the same email ID with which you log into the Associates Central (US).

6) How can I display Native Shopping Ads on my web pages?

These ad units can be integrated into a web page by inserting a snippet of a JavaScript code, which is available in the ad code vending pages in the Native Shopping Ads section on Associates Central, and on the SiteStripe toolbar.

7) How is the ad code downloaded from SiteStripe different from the ad code taken from the Associate Central portal for Native Shopping Ads?

There is no difference. The ads behave the same way irrespective of where you download them. The behavior of the ad unit is a function of the ad variant, format and the configurations which can be selected when creating the ad code. The card format for the Custom Ad variant is currently available only via SiteStripe in the US.

8) Do Native Shopping Ads get blocked by ad blockers?

Yes, being an advertising unit, Native Shopping Ads can be blocked by ad blockers.

9) What types of websites are most suitable for Native Shopping Ads?

Native Shopping Ads work best on websites/web pages that are product-centric, featuring product reviews, articles around products or with product mentions.

10) Do Native Shopping Ads display products based on the geographical location of my visitor?

Currently, Native Shopping Ads display products based on the country of the visiting user only for two countries – US and the UK. Therefore, all the visitors from US are shown products from and the visitors from UK are shown products from Click here to learn more about this feature.

11) What is the payment structure for Native Shopping Ads downloaded from SiteStripe?

The commission structure will remain the same as outlined in your Operating Agreement. You will continue to earn referral commissions per the existing agreement.

12) Can I track the performance of the ad unit by placement or slot?

Yes, you can track the performance of the ad units by placement or section of the website by using tracking IDs. You may select an existing tracking ID or create a new one.

13) I don't see preview of the ad when I click on "Custom" on SiteStripe?

If you have Adblock enabled in your browser, you will be unable to see the ad preview. Please disable Adblock and try again.

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