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Associates Central is now offered in multiple languages

  1. Why will this excite me? You can navigate Associates Central in your preferred language of choice, just as you do on the Amazon website. Select your preferred language using the language selector on Associates Central or on Amazon retail, to refresh the experience immediately. We will remember your preferences, so the next time you log in; you will see the experience load in your preferred language.
  2. What languages can I select? We support all the languages offered on that country's Amazon website, where possible. See below for a current list

  3. Country









    English, French




    English, German, Polish, Czech, Turkish






    English, Hindi




    Japanese, Chinese, English








    English, Spanish

  4. I want to create links to products that open with a specific language for my customers, how do I do that? You can do this using site stripe and clicking on "get link" after you have set your preferred language on the Amazon website. The language preference will automatically be reflected in the link. 
  5. I want to create Geotargeted links and browse Associates Central in my preferred language, is this possible? Of course! Your language preferences on Associates Central and redirection preferences on OneLink are different and will not affect each other. You can choose your preferred language on Associates Central, which will personalize the browsing experience for you as an associate. Separately, you can use OneLink to redirect your shoppers to the most appropriate Amazon retail marketplace based on their shopping location. Please note: OneLink is only available to associates registered in the US program today.
  6. I have several secondary users accessing Associates Central and each speak different languages, how will this work? Users choose their language of preference based on the unique e-mail address associated to their account. Individual users on your account can have their own language of preference as long as they maintain separate login e-mail addresses.
  7. I changed my mind and want to update my language preference, how do I do this? You can update your language of preference at any time. Any time you make a change to your language of preference, you will receive an e-mail confirming the update.
  8. I selected a language on the Amazon website, but do not see it as an option on Associates Central. Why? In some cases, it is possible that a language offered on Amazon retail is not yet available on Associates Central. If you have questions please reach out to customer service using our Contact Us form.
  9. I selected a language on Associates Central, but the experience did not load for me. Why is that? We are sorry to hear that you had trouble with setting your language. If this happens frequently, please reach out to customer service visiting our Contact Us page.
  10. Does your customer service offer multi language service?No, customer service in each country will respond only in the default language of that country.
  11. Which language governs? The Associates Central language of preference experience is provided for convenience. The default language of that country, including its Operating Agreement (unless otherwise provided in that Agreement), is the definitive version.
  12. Is the Operating Agreement available in my preferred language? We do not offer translations for the Operating Agreement in all languages. However, in several countries translations are available for your convenience. If you have a question about this document you may always reach us via our Contact Us form.
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