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Search Ads FAQ

FAQ for Native Shopping Ads: Search

How do Search ads work?
Native Shopping Ads - Search, allow you to specify search phrases and categories to drive product recommendations using Amazon search. Your visitors can either click on any of the displayed products or type in a different search phrase in the search box to land on Amazon search results page.

How do I programmatically drive the search results of the ad unit?
The ad code for Native Shopping Ads is a simple list of javascript variables and is highly programmable. To programmatically specify the search key phrase to be displayed: amzn_assoc_default_search_phrase = "your-search-phrase";
The search phrase could potentially be driven by any of the parameters available in your CMS or by the search term entered by the visitors to your site.

Where do I place this?
You can place this ad unit within product article pages and drive the recommendations using search phrases which are relevant to the page. This would allow you to do this in a simple way without having to go through the trouble of manually curating the specific ASINs. You can also place this in the search results page of your website and drive the recommendations using the search phrase entered by the user as an input.

What would the ad unit show if there are no product results for the default search phrase specified?
If there are no product results for the default search phrase then the ad unit would simply show a search bar to allow the users to search other products and jump to We believe this to be a better experience than showing irrelevant products or providing a message that there are no results to display.

Where do I get the ad code?
You can get the ad code here.

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