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Custom Ads FAQ

How do Custom Ads work?

Native Shopping Ads - Custom, allow you to specify 4-8 products from Amazon that you would like to promote within your webpages. The actual number of products displayed depends on the space available on your site. By default the ad unit is responsive. However, if you choose to specify a custom size the minimum width and height shall change depending on whether you want to display one or two rows of product recommendations.

Can I customize the ad unit title?

Yes, you can customize the ad unit title to one that is more suitable to the content of your page.

Can I remove the search box?

Yes, you have the option of removing the search box however we recommend that you keep the search box present to help improve monetization with this ad unit.

Where do I get the ad code?

You can get the ad code from the Custom Ad code vending page on Associate Central (US) or from the SiteStripe toolbar on (for Custom Card format only).

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