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New Native Shopping Ads Reports FAQ

What’s new in Native Shopping Ads Reports?

We have redesigned Native Shopping Ads Reports and made them more detailed by adding data features like RPM (revenue per thousand impressions) and Viewability. These new reports also show all metrics at Ad Type and Ad Format level. These help you understand your Native Shopping Ads performance better.

What is RPM and Viewability?

RPM or revenue per thousand impressions is a universally accepted metric used to measure performance by publishers. It is calculated by dividing overall earnings with impressions, multiplied by 1000.


Viewability is a metric that tells you the % of times when the ad rendered on your page is actually viewable by a visitor. Knowing Viewability helps in identifying opportunities to make the ads more visible, hence, drive conversions.

Viewability= Viewable Impressions/Total Impressions*100


What has changed from the old reports?

Earlier, the only reporting available for Native Shopping Ads was via the Link Type reporting page with metrics at each ad type level. The new Native Shopping Ads report includes new data features and provides deeper reporting metrics.


What are the new features of the new Native Shopping Ads Reports and how do they benefit me?

New Native Shopping Ads Reports help you understand performance better by providing:

- New Metrics - RPM (Revenue per thousand impressions) and Viewability (percentage of time the ad was actually viewed). These will help you assess effectiveness and ensure the ad is seen to improve performance.

- Ability to split the performance by Ad Type, Ad Format and Tracking ID in a simple way.

- Option to download offline reports, for your own analysis.

- Insightful graphs of important metrics to track changes in impressions and earnings.

These features enable you to view and understand performance of Native Shopping Ads at various levels down to each ad unit placement created including impressions, viewable impressions, click through rate, ordered items, shipped items and total earnings.


Where can I access these reports from?

You will be able to access the detailed Native Shopping Ads Reports by navigating to the dedicated report page via various links and breadcrumbs placed on Associate Central including:

1. Link from "Link Type Performance tab" on the main Reports page

2. Link from the Native Shopping Ads card on the summary section in the Reports page 

Will the Native Shopping Ads line item in Link Type report continue to exist?

The Link Type report will still continue to provide high level data on Native Shopping Ads performance (same as today). The introduction of new Reports is purely incremental and does not change current reporting.


From which date range are these new reports available?

You will be able to select any time period starting May 1, 2017 to view the detailed Native Shopping Ads Reports.


Will the reports be available at same time as earlier?

No. The new Native Shopping Ads Reports will be updated with data for previous day by approximately 12 PM Pacific Time. The standard time for all other reports still remains the same (7 AM Pacific Time).

How can I interpret the new Native Shopping Ads Reports?


You can view our detailed Native Shopping Ads Reports Guide to learn all about the features of these reports in detail.

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