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Integration Guide

OneLink Integration Guide

If you use Amazon’s text links, you can now better monetize international traffic coming to your website from the United Kingdom (UK), Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Japan and neighboring countries. OneLink is a one-time setup and enables you to configure this functionality on your website with six easy steps.

Steps to integrate

1. You will need an Amazon Associates account in each country for which you want to monetize the traffic. Sign up using the links below if you do not already have an existing account.

2. Next, sign-in to your Amazon Associates US account, click on ‘Tools,’ and select ‘OneLink.’

3. Below step 1,click on ‘Click here to link’ to map your US/UK, US/CA, US/IT, US/FR, US/ES, US/DE and US/JP account.

4. The ‘Link Stores’ screen will open, and you can link your store by entering your UK/Canada/Italy/France/Spain/Germany/Japan account details.

5. Return to the OneLink page by clicking on ‘Tools,’ and select ‘OneLink.’. Now follow the Link 'Update settings' below Step 2

6. For each store you have linked in step 4, you need to select a default tracking id and 'Save Changes' for the integration to work properly.

Now you are all set to start monetizing your international traffic from these seven countries.

If you are a WordPress user, click here to view the Integration Guide for WordPress.

Close product match vs. Exact product match

You have the option to set ‘Close Product Match’ (default) or ‘Exact Product Match’ as your redirect preferences. If you choose the Close Product Match preference, we will redirect your international visitors to their local or nearest Amazon storefront if we find an exact or similar product on,,,,,, and, or to the search results page in the absence of a similar product. If you choose the Exact Product Match preference, we will redirect your visitors only when we find the same product on the respective Amazon storefront. In the absence of an exact match, we will redirect your visitors to By default, we will set the preference to Close Product Match to increase monetization.

Let’s understand this further with an example. Jacob is a publisher who writes about laptops and uses Amazon’s text links. He gets 22% of his overall traffic from the UK, Canada and Europe, and rest from the USA. He chooses ‘Exact Match’ as his OneLink preference. When a visitor from Germany reading an article on his blog on “Why MacBook Pro IS13252 is an ideal choice for web developers” clicks on its text link, he will be redirected to showing MacBook Pro IS13252 with price in EURO if the same product is available on, or the visitor will be led to Amazon US. 

If Jacob chooses ‘Close Match’ as his OneLink preference, then the same visitor in the example above will be redirected to the same product or a similar product on, or to the search results page in the absence of a similar product on 

Check matching products

If you have product-oriented content and want to check which products appear on the UK, Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Germany and Japan storefronts, you can use this tool to verify. Just put the link for the product in the ‘Enter the URL’ box and click on ‘Check.’ The table will show you the corresponding,,,,, and links. You can check this for up to 20 links.

Click here to view FAQs

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