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How do I view and manage all content I have created on Amazon?

You can view and manage your content by visiting the Owner View of your Storefront and tapping or selecting “Manage Content” from the navigation bar at the top of the screen. Select “Photo and Idea List” to manage your shoppable photos and Idea Lists, or select “Video” to manage your shoppable videos.

From the Manage Photo and Idea List page, you can search, sort and filter across all of your content. You can also see the status of your content and get moderation feedback. On mobile tap the three dot menu or on desktop select the Actions button to grab a shareable link to your content or delete it.

  • 'Published’ tab displays shoppable content that has been published on Amazon and is live on your storefront.
  • ‘Pending’ tab displays content that you have submitted that is currently being reviewed by Amazon moderation.
  • ‘Drafts’ tab displays content that is in Draft status (Note: You cannot currently create draft content).
  • ‘Needs Attention’ displays content that was submitted but not accepted by Amazon as it was flagged for not meeting Amazon’s Community Guidelines.
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