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Choosing the right ad type

One of the key decisions you make as a publisher is choose the right ad type for your website. Each of the three variants of Native Shopping Ads functions in a unique way and helps you maximize earnings from your web pages. To help you make the right choice, we have created this short guide on how each version works.

1. Recommendation Ads

This is the most popular Native Shopping Ad type among publishers due to its hassle-free, ‘set it and forget it’ nature. It is ideal for publishers who want to monetize multiple web pages but don’t want to go through the tedious process of configuring separate ad units for each one.

How does it work?

A Recommendation ad identifies keywords in your content and matches them with relevant products. It combines page context with Amazon’s purchase data to recommend products that are relevant for your visitors. If you select interest-based ads while configuring, the ad unit will also show product recommendations based on your visitors' browsing history.

While configuring, we recommend that you specify a fallback option by choosing search phrases. This is helpful in cases where the ad unit is unable to detect a product mention on the page, so it relies on the provided fallback. In cases where there aren’t enough relevant recommendations to display on your page, the unit will not be displayed.

Another great feature of Recommendation ads is that they can easily be integrated across multiple pages using a third-party tool. If you use WordPress to power your website, you can follow these steps to integrate Native Shopping Ads site-wide.

Ideal Placement

We recommend that you place the ad unit at the end of your articles (just before the comments, if any) to allow visitors to engage with relevant product recommendations immediately once they’re done consuming the core content. This placement has proved to be the most effective from a performance perspective. For pages with long-format articles, you could also include these ad units mid-content to improve chances of conversion.

Click here to create a Recommendation ad

2. Search Ads

Search ads are a blend of both Recommendation and Custom versions. These ad units allow users to specify search phrases and categories to derive product recommendations using Amazon search. Your visitors can either click on any of the displayed products or type in a different search phrase in the search box to land on an Amazon search results page.

How does it work?

The ad code for Native Shopping Ads is a simple list of java script variables and is highly programmable. To programmatically specify the search key phrase to be displayed, just modify this line in the ad code: amzn_assoc_default_search_phrase = "your-search-phrase";

The search phrase could potentially be driven by any of the parameters available in your Content Management System (CMS) or by the search term entered by the visitors to your site.

Where do I place this?

You can place this ad unit within product article pages and drive relevant recommendations using search phrases. This is a simpler way to configure without having to manually curate specific ASINs. You can also place this in the search results page of your website and drive recommendations using the search phrase entered by the user as an input.

For cases when there are no product results for the default search phrase then the ad unit would simply show a search bar to allow the users to search other products and jump to This is a better experience than showing irrelevant products or providing a message that there are no results to display.

Click here to create a Search ad

3. Custom Ads

If you need more control over what the end-user sees, then Custom Native Shopping Ads are the best option for you. These responsive ad units allow you to specify 4-8 products from that you would like to promote within your web pages. Ideally, they should be the products that you’ve written about in your content in order to build context for the user. If you choose to specify a custom size, the minimum width and height shall change depending on whether you want to display one or two rows of product recommendations.

Other features

Ad title is customizable to suit the content of your page

You have the option of removing the search box from top of the unit

Click here to create a Custom ad

Need help understanding your Native Shopping Ads performance reports? Click here for a handy guide.

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