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Performance Guide

Native Shopping Ads from Amazon are an excellent way to increase the earning potential of your website. They feature beautifully designed ad units that blend in naturally with the look and feel of your webpage to create a seamless visitor experience.

In this guide, we will walk you through how to access your performance report specifically for Native Shopping Ads, and suggest ways to interpret it.

How to access Native Shopping Ads performance reports

  1. After logging in to Associate Central, click on “Reports” in the top navigation bar.
  2. Click on the “Fees” tab.

    Fees Tab

  3. Scroll down below the graph to find “Link Type Performance”. Click on that tab.

    Link Type Performance

  4. Here, you will find the performance summary for “Native Shopping Ads”, split by the different types of ads used by you on your website.

    NSA Performance Summary

How to interpret these numbers

Let us start by understanding how Native Shopping Ads work.

Native Shopping Ads enhance your page content and increase the opportunity for the visitors to click through thereby increasing the overall yield from the page. Therefore, the key metrics for you to look at will be CTR (Click-Through Rate) and RPM (Revenue per Thousand Impressions). While CTR is directly mentioned in the reports, RPM can be easily calculated as (Earnings/Impressions) x 1000.

  1. CTR can be maximized by placing the ads appropriately in the page. You can place the ads at the end of your editorial or even within your content. The presence of images, real-time price information and ratings give an added incentive for your visitors to click through.
  2. The additional yield that you are getting can be analyzed by looking at the RPM. If you want to analyze how your ad units doing viz a viz other ad solutions, compare this with a banner ad CPM for a similar placement.
    Do note that Native Shopping Ads are responsive and will fit well within your site structure unlike traditional banner ads that disrupt the end-user experience.

While you analyze the performance, it is important to understand that Native Shopping Ads in no way replace your text links. They are meant to increase the overall monetization of your pages.

What next

We’re confident Native Shopping Ads will help you make the most of each page and improve your overall yield. What makes them even great, is that they’re really easy to integrate across multiple pages, or even your entire website!

We’ve created this detailed Integration Guide to help you through the process.

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