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  • FAQ - Using Onelink for the first time and want to earn internationally through Canada and EU5 Countries (United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, France & Italy) marketplaces only
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FAQ - Using Onelink for the first time and want to earn internationally through Canada and EU5 Countries (United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, France & Italy) marketplaces only

Q1. How do I start using OneLink?

We have simplified the process for you to earn across the Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, France and Italy Associates programs, by making it possible using a single store ID. With this simplified version of OneLink, Associates signed up to the US Associates program can now use a single store ID to earn across the Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, France and Italy Associates programs. Getting started is easy and requires a one-time setup.

Click here to get started with setup.

Integration and preferences

Q2. What controls do I have over the redirection experience for my links?

We offer three controls to you for OneLink – “Exact match”, “Close match” and “Do not redirect”. Once you enable OneLink, we will automatically set your redirection preferences to “close match”. This means, when we find an exact or similar product or offering (e.g. Prime sign up) we will redirect international shoppers to that ASIN’s detail page on the local Amazon website, and if we can’t find an exact or similar match product or offering we will redirect the customer to the search experience on the local Amazon website using the product title as the search keyword. You can choose to update your redirection preference to “exact match” in which case we will only redirect international shoppers to an Amazon product detail page when the same product also exists locally, otherwise we will redirect to the search experience using the product title of a similar product. If we are unable to find a similar product or if you choose to update “Do not redirect”, we will not redirect clicks and rather take your visitor to the Amazon website that your original product linked to. Please note, all preferences are at a tracking ID level, so if you have multiple tracking IDs you will need to change these preferences for each one. We recommend you always leave the default option of “close match” to optimize conversions.


Q3. How can I preview where my international visitors will be redirected?

The “Check Matching Products” section on the OneLink page allows you to check where your international visitors will be redirected, for a given US product link.


Q4. Will visitors from countries neighboring international Amazon websites also be redirected?

Yes, your international visitors from countries neighboring the supported countries will be redirected to their nearest Amazon store. For example, visitors from Ireland, Greece, Georgia, and Iceland, etc., will be redirected to Amazon.co.uk.

Q5. Does OneLink work for all Amazon text links?

Yes, as long as you have completed the one-time setup and use Amazon full links or Amazon short links on your site. Shortened links created by third-party link shorteners are currently not supported and will not be redirected.

 Q6. Does it work for readers on mobile devices?


Q7. If my store was closed in a country, can I reopen it for OneLink?

A Store is not available for OneLink once it has been closed in a specific country, as closing a store is an irreversible action.

Reporting and Payment

Q8. Where can I see my clicks and earnings from redirected traffic?

You can view your global performance using the consolidated summary of earnings. Click here to learn more.

Q9. How will my earnings for the redirected traffic be calculated?

Your redirected earnings will be calculated based on the standard commission income table applicable for each Associate Program. For example, if a shopper based in the UK clicks on a website containing a US Amazon affiliate link, and places an order on the UK Amazon website after being redirected, the associate will receive the commission rate based on the UK Associates program.

Q10. How would I get paid for my redirected traffic?

Your earnings from redirected traffic will accrue in your existing Associates account and will be paid through the payment method you choose in your account settings for each of the countries. Please note that your earnings will need to qualify for the minimum earnings threshold in each of the country’s program to be paid out.

Q11. How do I configure my payment method to get paid for my international earnings?

You will need to set the payment once via Account Settings from the Associates Portal. Click here to visit the Associates Portal.

Q12. Do I need a bank account in these countries to get paid?

You will have the choice to centralize accruals to one bank account of your choice or individual bank accounts in each of the countries.

Troubleshooting common issues

Q13. I followed all the steps in the integration guide, but I still am not receiving earnings from my international countries. Why?

Log in to the Associates Central portal and make sure you correctly setup the payment and taxes information for each of the countries. Any missing or incorrect information will result in delays or errors in payment. We will notify you of any missing information required on your account, so it is important to log in to the portal regularly and check for any notifications we have sent to your account.

Q14. I am not able to access historical reporting for a country where I closed the store. How can I retrieve it?

Historical reporting is no longer accessible once a store is closed. You will need to retrieve all reporting you require, prior to closing a store in a country.

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