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What is the difference between the three user roles (Full Access, Reports Access, and Basic Access) associated with my account?

These 3 roles have different levels of access on your Associates Central account. The options are:

Full Access (previously Primary): The Full Access user is the main account holder (one per account). This user role has access to all parts of Associates Central (AC) and can edit payee information, select a payment plan and payment method, and approve new users' access to the account. In addition, this user receives high-priority emails regarding the Associates program. Therefore, the e-mail address for this role should be checked regularly.

Reports Access (previously Secondary): The Reports Access user role has access to reports, in addition to all the AC features that the Basic role can access. This user role does not have access to payee information, payment plans/method, and user management.

Basic Access (new): This user role has the most restrictive access permissions in Associates Central, with access to content ideas, link creation tools, help and resource center pages. This role does not have access to Reports.

Role names below Account Admin Access to Product Linking, Tools, Promotions Access to Reports
Full Access (Primary) Yes Yes Yes
Reports Access (Secondary) No Yes Yes
Basic Access (new) No Yes No
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