How to Increase Your Request Rate

The amount of requests you get from the API is related to the Amazon sales your traffic drives. If your visitors click on links that come from your requests to the Product Advertising API (PA-API), go to Amazon and make purchases, those purchases accumulate. When those purchases get shipped to end customers, you earn commission income, and the request rate we give you from the API goes up (until it hits a cap) based on the total shipped revenue. We only use the shipped revenue that comes from the URLs provided from the Product Advertising API to calculate your request limit.

Each account used to access the Product Advertising API is allowed an initial usage limit of 1 request per second. Each account will receive an additional 1 request per second (up to a maximum of 10) for every $4,600 of shipped revenue attributed to the associates account linked to your Product Advertising API account in a trailing 30-day period (about $0.11 per minute).

You can be sure your sales are being attributed to your calls to the Product Advertising API by checking for the following:

  •  You're only using the links provided by the API when linking back to Amazon.
  • Your Associate Account and Product Advertising API account are using the same Amazon Account (or e-mail).
  • You're pasting your Associate tag in all your requests to the API. For details on how to obtain an Associate tag, please refer to our documentation.
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