Can I Check If My Links Are Tagging to My Account?

Users are able to check that themselves without assistance. If you’re using links generated by the Associates website, you can check for your Store ID after adding the link or coding to your website. Once you update your site, click the link you want to check and look for your Store ID or Tracking ID in the URL. Most often, it will appear as “&tag=(store/tracking ID)” within the URL. Alternatively, once you have added the links to your website, you can contact the Associates customer support to verify the items are linked or “tagged” to your unique Associate ID by providing the website URL where the links are displayed.

If you create your own link, you can also use the Link Checker below. The Link Checker tool is intended for checking links that you have created or modified on your own outside of Associates Central. Keep in mind that the links you create in Associates Central will automatically be coded correctly to the tracking ID you selected so link checker will not work with links created on Associates Central.

You can contact Customer Service by phone, e-mail, or chat through our Contact Us page

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