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We provide you with a variety of linking options from which you can choose. Whether your goal is to maximize conversion, delight your site visitors with a unique presentation of Amazon content, or both, you decide how much control you want over the products displayed in each set of links.

You can allow Amazon to recommend products to your site visitors (Omakase Links), you can select categories and/or keywords (Recommended Product Links) or hand-pick the individual products and pages to which to link (Product and Text Links). We recommend reviewing all of our linking options before deciding which ones will work best for you. Below are some examples of the link types offered.

Product Links

Product Links display and link to a specific item from our catalog. These links provide you with the flexibility to choose exactly which products you wish to promote to your visitors based on their interest. We can serve these links to automatically display the product image, title, current pricing, and a convenient "Buy from" button. While these have proven to have a higher conversion rate, we also provide Associates the option to host individual links themselves.

Omakase™ Links - Leave it up to us!

Omakase links uniquely combine information on each site visitor's taste, the site's content, and historical trends to dynamically generate relevant ads that Amazon serves to your site. With simple, yet powerful, customization options, Omakase lets you automatically provide personalized product ads to your site visitors that complement your site design. Omakase - Leave it up to us!

Product Previews - Enhance.Hover.Expand.

Product Previews let visitors to your site view valuable product information without having to click through to When visitors hover over a Product Preview-enhanced text or image link, a small window appears that contains the product image, new and used prices, average customer review and availability. Visitors can either add the item directly to their shopping carts or click through to product details on Amazon from the product window. Product Previews allow you to offer your visitors a convenient, seamless option for adding products to their shopping cart while enjoying the content of your site. Product Previews - Enhance. Hover. Expand.

Recommended Product Links

Recommended Product Links are dynamic links in which Amazon automatically selects and serves the content. You enter the type of products you want displayed, and we will update them with the bestselling products based on your criteria. Since Amazon automatically updates these links with fresh content, there is less work on your part to keep your links and banners updated. For convenience and flexibility, you can build Recommended Product Links in two different ways--by category and by keyword--each in multiple sizes. And by changing their background color, text color, and link color, you can customize these links to best fit the design and layout of your site.
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