Associates for Publishers, Vendors, and Merchants

Increase your product sales at Amazon. The Associates Program is a great marketing tool for publishers, vendors, and other merchants who sell products on the Amazon platform. If you maintain a web site, you can drive traffic directly to your products at Amazon. This gives your visitors an easy buying option they can trust - and with more than 40 million customers, chances are your visitors are already shopping with us. Here are some of the key benefits:
  • Increase your products sales rank at Amazon.
  • Earn money on all qualifying sales through your product links to Amazon.
  • Use money to cover co-operative marketing costs.
  • Get insight into your visitors' interests and buying habits. Our online reports give you access to what your visitors are purchasing, with detailed information on unique visitors, clicks, earnings, and more.
  • We handle the customer experience, including payment transaction, customer service, marketing, and in most cases, fulfillment.
  • High conversion rates - we excel at turning your visitors into buyers. That's what we do best.
Below are just a few publishers and vendors who've adopted the Associates Program.

Publishers & Labels

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