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What are Product Recommendations?

Product Recommendations

What are they?

Product Recommendations are a selection of products we recommend you feature on your site based on what your visitors have either purchased or shown an interest in. Updated recommendations are always available on Idea Hub under the Promotions tab.

Why are they valuable?

These recommendations will allow for deeper insight on what content to develop or products to feature within your publication(s). Understanding what your visitors are purchasing will help you determine how effective your content is at marketing specific products and assist in developing strategies for placing the right products in front of consumers. Recommendations are a part of an ongoing effort to test new ways of providing you with valuable content to help maximize your earnings.

How do I use it?

Option 1: Develop new content

Using insights from product recommendations, you can develop engaging and highly relevant content for your user showcasing products they have shown previous interest in. For example, if you notice your customers are purchasing a particular brand of clothing, it would make sense to write an editorial on the brand or create a new section on your website displaying the product.

Option 2: Link with existing content

Use product recommendations in developing editorial pieces to include products relevant to your visitors based on what they have a propensity to purchase. For example, if you are writing an editorial around “Best SLR Cameras” and based off of your recommendations you see your visitors are viewing/purchasing SD cards, we recommend you include the provided SD card URL in your content to maximize conversion.

What if the product recommendations are not applicable for my business?

Our algorithms are constantly evolving to provide you with the best possible product recommendations for your business. However, this is not a fool proof process and we are iterating based on feedback we receive from associates. Therefore, it is imperative we receive this feedback in order to provide you with recommendations you will be able to use. Please help us serve you better by providing thumbs up/down feedback on the content in Idea Hub.

Why am I not seeing any recommendations?

Depending on the referrals you have, it may be difficult to detect what products your readers are interested in. If you know what types of products you would like to advertise, best sellers and new releases are good places to begin.

Why am I seeing little to no variation in my recommended products?

There is a direct correlation between the recommendations you are provided and the amount of traffic you are redirecting to The more products you sell or redirecting your visitors to view on the more accurate the product recommendations will be and the more recommendations you will receive.

Do I need to add my Associate ID to the URL?

No. The product recommendations already contain your Associate ID. Although your Associate ID is added automatically, we do suggest you verify the links are valid using the Link Checker tool to ensure you will be paid for any referrals.

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