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Associates Publisher Studio

Publisher Studio will be removed as tool add-on from Associate Central and not supported by Aug 15, 2019.


Is Publisher studio being discontinued?

Yes, after Aug 15th, 2019, the Publisher Studio tool will be discontinued from Associates Central.  It means Publisher studio tool will no longer be available as a download from Associate Central. If you have installed a Publisher Studio plug-in, it will stop working.

Why did Amazon associates discontinue Publisher Studio?

The Publisher studio tool usage has been low and steadily declining over time. This led us to discontinue the tool.

If I have created links using Publisher studio, will they stop working?

No, the links created by Publisher studio will continue to work as any other associate link.

If I have Publisher Studio chrome plug-in, will it stop working?

Yes, if you have installed the chrome plug-in, it will stop working.

When will Amazon discontinue support for Publisher Studio?

Amazon will discontinue support for Publisher Studio and remove the ability to download on Aug 15th, 2019. Any installed plug-ins will also stop working.

What is the alternative solution for associates who are using Publisher studio today?

Customers can use Sitestripe, AC link builder or 3rd party tools like AAWP ( for searching and adding product links to their blogs.

In what regions is the Publisher Studio available today?

The Publisher Studio is available in US and JP. After Aug 15th, 2019, it will no longer be available in those regions.

If I have more questions, who should I contact?

If you have any further questions, please contact Amazon Associates Customer service.

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