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Associates Widgets FAQ

1. What are widgets? 
Widgets are web applications that you can install on your websites, to monetize your traffic. When a shopper visits your website, Amazon Associates serves content to your shopper through these widgets. 

2. What is the Adobe Announcement?
Adobe has announced end of life for Flash from December 31st 2020. This means flash player will no longer be supported by any browser from this date. Top browsers such as Google Chrome, etc. have already moved to disable flash player by default and require users to manually enable flash on a temporary session basis, as a means to discourage the use of flash player. 

3. How does Adobe's deprecation of Flash impact Associates?
Associates offers three widgets that use Adobe Flash (Deals, slideshow and carousel widget). These will stop working as part of the Adobe end of life support for Flash. 

4. What changes do you recommend I take?
We recognize that the fourth quarter of the calendar year is important to you and will generate an increase in visits to your web pages, so we do not recommend you wait until December 31st 2020 to take action even though Adobe will support flash until then. We recommend you act proactively and ensure all your flash widgets are replaced with other link building alternatives (see FAQ #5 below) immediately. Amazon Associates will stop supporting flash based widgets by December 15th 2020, and we encourage you to start your migrations now. 

5. What alternatives do you recommend?
We recommend you act proactively and ensure all your widgets are replaced with other link building alternatives immediately. We care about your success and recommend that you take action as soon as possible to remove all legacy widgets from your website and consider alternative link building options we offer. You can choose between Site Stripe, PA API, product Feeds, banners or bounties. 

6. What about other widgets?
At Amazon Associates, we want to offer the best tools for you to monetize your content effectively, and that provide a good shopping experience for your visitors. Widgets no longer meet the bar we hold up on your behalf for customer experience, and perform worse than other tools we offer in our portfolio meaning that you as a publisher make lesser money than you could be earning. As such, we believe it is time to stop supporting all widgets, and have decided to prioritize future product development exclusively on other link building tools. We will communicate well in advance in regards to the deprecation of all other widgets. 

7. How does this impact me?
For Flash widget users the slideshow, carousel and deals widgets will be discontinued on December 15th 2020. These will no longer appear on the AC widgets page, meaning that you cannot create or edit these widgets. If these widgets were embedded in your website, these will show up as blank spaces. We recommend you migrate to other alternatives. 

8. Who can help me with more information?
If you have any further questions, please contact Amazon Associates Customer Service.
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