FAQ - Fx4Cash - International Transfers Solution

FAQ - Fx4Cash - International Transfers Solution

1. Why will this excite me?

If you participate in the US, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, or CA programs and have your bank/currency in either US (USD), UK (GBP + EUR), Eurozone (EUR), you can now receive your international earnings in your local bank account! You no longer need to worry about lost/misplaced paper checks, or wait for the foreign check to be cashed by your bank.

2. What advantages does the new form of payment offer me?

Amazon Associates members participating in an Amazon Associate Program in the US, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, or CA, with a bank account in either the US (USD), United Kingdom (GBP and EUR), Eurozone (EUR)– a total of 52 countries, can now receive their international incomes by bank transfer in their local currency to their bank account. This removes the need for the postal delivery of a check, which can take a few days, and the waiting period until the check has cleared at the bank.

3. What are the 52 supported countries? What are the currencies?

United States


United Kingdom


Åland Islands, Austria, Azores, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, French Guiana, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guadeloupe, Guernsey, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madeira, Malta, Martinique, Mayotte, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Réunion, Romania, Saint Barthélemy, Saint Martin (French part), Saint Pierre and Miquelon, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.


4. Which payment methods are available to me?

Your three options of payment methods are unchanged bank transfer, gift card or checks. Of these, with this additional international support, bank transfers provide the best experience and we recommend that.

5. How do I receive international payments by transfer to my bank account?

First, click on ‘Account Settings’ after ‘Change Payment Method’, and then ‘Pay Me By Direct Deposit’. Now choose the country where your bank account is located, and you’ll be guided through the process. See the step-by-step instructions above for more information.

6. I participate in several Amazon Affiliate Programs. Do I have to provide my payment information for each program individually?

Yes, you need to provide your payment information for every Amazon Associate Program or Associate ID.

7. I want to consolidate earnings across 6 countries in my US bank account but I want my UK earnings to be deposited into my UK bank account. How do I do that?
You can do this by providing the US bank account information in the 6 portals from where you want earnings to be deposited into your US bank account and provide your UK bank account in your UK portal.

8. Is the international payment by bank transfer to my bank account free of charge?

Amazon will not charge you any fees for international payment by bank transfer to your bank account. The conversion rate will be determined in accordance with Amazon’s operating standards: at present, the forex rate of the day of pay-out will be applied by the banks we work with to convert your earnings from the international program to the local currency. However, your bank may charge a further fee for their services. For more information, please contact your bank directly.

9. Do the changes affect the current minimum payout?

The minimum payout will remain the same as the one for domestic direct deposit. There is no change for international payouts. If you are moving from check or gift card to direct deposit, please review and update your custom minimum payout threshold for direct deposit in the Associate Central portal.

10. Is there any change to the payment threshold?
No, the existing payment thresholds will continue to apply.

11. Does the new International Bank Transfer payout method mean that I cannot continue to receive payouts via Amazon Gift Card?

No, you can still receive a payout of your earnings as an Amazon Gift Card.

12. I receive payments through domestic direct deposit, is there any impact to me?
No, you may continue with the same if you like

13.  I receive payments via paper check; does this change things for me?

No, you can still receive a payment of your earnings as a paper check, although we do encourage you migrate your payments to direct deposit, or an Amazon Gift Card.

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