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What fees will I earn from my mobile app?

You will earn advertising fees consistent with the existing Associates program. All purchases through mobile phone and tablet apps will earn advertising fees under the same fee structure. Visit the advertising fee schedule page to learn more.

Will I earn advertising fees if a user clicks on a mobile-optimized web link from a mobile device and then purchases Amazon products on their PC?

Associates will earn fees for items a user adds to their Amazon cart and subsequently purchases on any other device in accordance with the Operating Agreement under “Qualifying Purchase” and “Session”. Users must be signed in to Amazon when items are added to their cart. Unfortunately we cannot pay advertising fees for cross-device purchases if the user does not first add the item to their cart.

Will I still get paid fees if my customer clicks on an Amazon link on my website and it opens in the Amazon app (i.e. customer sets preference on their phone to open Amazon links in the Amazon Shopping app)?

Yes, attribution to your ID will be preserved if Amazon links on your website open in the Amazon Shopping app or in a mobile browser.

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