How will my followers discover my page on Amazon?

Below are ways that top Influencers in the program are making the most of their page. As always, make sure you are following FTC and social channel disclosure policy such as (but not inclusive) using #ad or the flagging a Facebook post as “Paid” with Amazon. Let followers know that by clicking on your vanity URL you will earn a small fee but they won’t pay a higher price than usual.

•Make sure your vanity URL is customized to your handle. If not custom (i.e. your vanity URL ends with a generic handle - "shop/influencer-...."), you can request an update to your vanity URL through Contact Us.
•Feature at least 75 products on your page and include a comment for at least 1 in 6 products on the page. To learn more about how to add comments to your page, go here.
•Share your vanity URL at least once a week, if not daily, through your profile information and individual posts. 

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