Monetize your UK and Canada traffic with OneLink

The Amazon Associates Program is excited to offer a new way to help publishers monetize international traffic. With our new service, “OneLink”, you now have the ability to monetize international traffic from the United Kingdom (UK) and Canada (CA), while offering your visitors an improved shopping experience by automatically redirecting them to their local Amazon storefront to complete their purchases.

OneLink is a script for Amazon’s text links that will land the UK and Canada users in their local Amazon storefront ( or

How does it work?

OneLink uses a script called oneTag which can be configured on your website with a one-time set-up. You can view detailed Integration Guide here.   

oneTag script analyzes Amazon links on your site and then interacts with our systems to land international traffic to corresponding local Amazon storefront, when a product match is found. The UK visitors will be redirected to and Canada visitors will be redirected to It works for all existing as well as new links and does not interfere with other script on your site.

Exact Match or Close Match

Depending on the nature of your page content, you can choose to either show the same products in UK/Canada storefront or find a product that is a close match in other geographies.

Let’s understand this further with an example. Alex is a publisher who writes about laptops and uses Amazon’s text links. He gets 10% of his overall traffic from the UK, 11% from Canada and the rest from USA. He chooses ‘Exact Match’ as his OneLink preference. When a UK visitor reading an article on his blog on “Why MacBook Pro IS13252 is an ideal choice for web developers” clicks on its text link, he will be redirected to showing MacBook Pro IS13252 with price in GBP if the exact same product is available on, or the visitor will be led to Amazon US. For a Canada visitor viewing the same, will open upon clicking the text link showing MacBook Pro IS13252 if the exact same product is available on, else the visitor will be led to US visitors will continue to view MacBook Pro IS13252 on

If Alex chooses ‘Close Match’ as his OneLink preference, then the same visitors in the example above will be redirected to the same product or a similar product on the relevant site, or to the search results page in the absence of a similar product on and

Check your links

If you want to see corresponding products in other geographies, you can do that using a tool called ‘Check Matching Products’. Just enter the URL you wish to map and you will see the corresponding URLs in UK and CA Amazon store.


You’ll be able to view your earnings report in your UK/CA account. It will reflect under ‘Redirected traffic’ section of the Link Type Performance report. The commission rates will be as per standard rate card prevalent in the UK and Canada.

Best practices

· Choose ‘Close Match’ as your preference for the best user experience and maximum monetization opportunity

· Integrate oneTag at the footer of the page, so that it gets invoked on every page.

· Use Amazon short links or full links

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