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Adding top-level categories
Select "Your aStore – Settings" and click on the "Add Category" button to add a new page to your aStore. A new Category page will appear in the navigation structure pane (on the left) with a default name such as New Category (1).

Adding Subcategories
To add a subcategory to an existing category, select the category under which you want the new subcategory to appear and click the "Add Category" button.

Ordering your categories using Drag and Drop
For most users re-ordering your categories can be done using our drag-and-drop interface. Simply click on a category and hold your mouse button to drag it to its new placement. Dropping it on "Your aStore - Settings" will make it a top-level category, dropping it on another category will make it a subcategory of that category, and dropping it between categories will place it in that order.

Ordering your categories using our buttons
Users with Javascript disabled will, instead of the drag-and-drop functionality, see a series of buttons that can be used to re-order categories.

Using a combination of the buttons above (up, down, in, and out) gives you the flexibility to reorganize your aStore categories.

Categories can be moved up and down in the navigation using the up and down buttons. Using these buttons will retain the structure of a category's subcategories, meaning the whole group will be moved up and down.

You can change the level of your categories, i.e. make it a top-level category or make it a subcategory of other categories, using the in and out buttons.

Your store "home page"
The top level category page in the list directly under "Your aStore - Settings" will always be your store home page. Use the up/down and in/out arrows to reorder your pages.

Category settings
You can edit the following settings for each category page by highlighting the category:

a) Category Title - appears directly below the title bar of your aStore in bold text. It will also identify the page in the navigation structure of your store.

b) Category Description - appears directly below the custom page title

Add products to your categories

You can add products to the selected page using one of the three methods listed in the drop-down menu.

a) Add individual products – Click the "Add Products" button and select up to 540 products from the vast Amazon inventory. Help on using this feature is available at: Please note that there is only a limit of 540 products per Category page. You can create multiple pages and add up to 540 products to each of them. This gives you an ability to add an unlimited number of hand-picked products to your aStore.

b) Add products by Amazon category/subcategory - you can select any Amazon category or subcategory and display products belonging to the selected category. By default the best-sellers for the selected category will be displayed, and these will be updated as those best-sellers change. Additionally, checking the option to "Include all subcategories for this category" will add all of the Amazon subcategories immediately below (i.e. not all levels) for the given Amazon category.

If you would like to filter this set of products, you can provide keywords. Currently, we do NOT support operators like ",", "+", "and", "or" in our search. As such, providing multiple keywords in this field will return only products that contain ALL of the keywords you input (e.g. Cubs, Cardinals would return only products matching both keywords, not products related to each).

c) Add products from a Listmania list - Listmania lists include products you find interesting. You can create your own lists of products on To populate an aStore category from a list include its ID in the "Enter a Listmania! List ID" text box. The Category page will display products from the given Listmania list.

More about how to create your Listmania list is available at on the ListMania help pages on

You can find the List ID by looking at the URL of your Listmania, which should similar to:


Select the ID after 'lm/' or 'fullview/' i.e. R15GXTRDK2PMXZ. Please ignore any other parameters after this ID followed up by "&" or "/"

Input the selected ID in the "Enter a Listmania! List ID" text box.

Click on the "Save Changes" button to save your preferences.

Hiding the category navigation
This feature was created for users that want to build their own category navigation. Checking this box will hide the default aStore navigation box, enabling you to build it within your existing website. The permalinks found next to each category title can be used to link to specific categories.

Mature content screening

Checking this box will cause us to to check if the products surfaced on your aStore qualify for "Mature content screening" as defined by the Amazon catalog team. If we detect that items have inappropriate content, then we will hide the images and the related text from your customers until they confirm they are above 18 years of age. If they click on yes, then that item and all other adult items will be visible to the end user. If user clicks on no, then we will continue to hide adult content from the customer during that shopping session.

Enabling a link back to your site
If you want your customers visiting aStore to be able to navigate back to your website, you can create a link on the aStore navigation pane linking to your website. This will enable your customers to navigate between the aStore and your website.

About page
The About page provides you a page without products on it to describe your organization, the purpose of your store, or anything else you would like to say. You can use HTML on this page for formatting (bold, line breaks, etc.) and linking.