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Prime Your Audience for Prime Day: Steps for Building Prime Day Buzz

Prime Day may only last for a short period of time, but that doesn't mean you should limit your Prime Day posts! As an Amazon Associate or Influencer, your Prime Day plans should include strategies around building excitement so that when it finally rolls around you'll be ready, and your audience will be too.

Prime Day will be here soon, so get started on these buzz-building ideas now to ensure a strong performance on what promises to be one of the biggest internet shopping days of the year.

Build Out Your Prime Day Hub

Prime Day is always a wild and crazy event of deals coming and going, so make things easy on your audience by setting up a Prime Day hub ahead of time. Not only will this make it simple for them to know where and when to access deals, it'll also position you as a trusted Prime Day expert in their minds.

Start by setting up a page or post with an easy-to-remember URL (something like Instead of creating lots of different posts and pages related to Prime Day, just keep updating that page so that your audience will always know where to access it. (Or, if you do end up making multiple Prime Day posts, make sure they're all linked to from your hub page.) Now, when you post Prime Day reminders and updates on your blog or other social channels, you'll want to drive all that traffic to your Prime Day hub.

On the page itself, make sure you include information about what Prime Day is (for any of your audience who are unfamiliar), when it is, and some info about why Prime Day is relevant to your audience in particular and what kinds of deals they can expect to see.

To give you some ideas, check out these examples of previous Prime Day pages that other associates have set up:

- The Spruce
- Wirecutter
- TechRadar
- The Verge

Also, make sure that your Prime Day page maxes out on your chances link to Amazon, including native ads, featured ads and bounties. Because Prime Day is already such a huge shopping event, a big part of your strategy can just be driving general traffic to Amazon.

Remember that once users have followed one of your links to Amazon, you earn for any qualifying purchases they make in the next 24 hours. That's great for Prime Day, when users are likely going to be making a lot of purchases anyway. You'll be surprised how much you may end up earning just through traffic alone without even having to recommend any specific products or deals!

Once your Prime Day hub page is ready, it should have everything your audience need to get ready for Prime Day. Unless, that is, they're missing one very important thing...a Prime membership! This brings us to another great Prime Day prep strategy…

Promote Prime Memberships

Your audience will need a Prime account to take advantage of any Prime Day deals, so promoting discounted Prime accounts is a total no brainer! In your Prime Day preview posts make it clear that a Prime membership is required to take advantage of Prime Day deals and make sure that you include a link to sign up for an account. You can always find information about different Prime Memberships on the Bounty Program page in Associates Central.

Since you earn a flat rate $3 commission on every Prime sign up, you could start seeing money rolling in long before Prime Day has even kicked off. On top of those earnings, you'll also ensure that you'll have an audience who are set up with Prime accounts and ready to do some Prime Day shopping.

Spread the Word on Social

Once you've set up your Prime Day page, you have an easy place to link to when setting up Prime Day anticipation posts on social. Don't flood your audience with reminders, but do try to keep a regular cadence to build excitement and get the details into people's minds. Just remember that affiliate links cannot be posted in any paid social ads--only in your own organic posts.

You can also use Prime Day as an incentive for helping to build out your following on social. Because deals come and go quickly on Prime Day, social media offers an easy way to keep your audience updated in real time. If you're still working on establishing your following on social, make sure your strategy includes letting your audience know that they should follow you so they don't miss out on valuable Prime Day info.

Using Email to Reach Your Audience Directly

Finding a good strategy to communicate with your audience on Prime Day is all about laying the groundwork ahead of time. One advanced strategy for building up Prime Day buzz - along with building up your own potential traffic and commissions - is to build an opt-in Prime Day email list where your audience can sign up to get the latest Prime Day info from you, both on Prime Day and leading up to it. You can put the sign up for your email list on your Prime Day hub page.

On Prime Day, you can use this list to send reminders and real time updates about lightning deals. Remember, you cannot use associate links in email communications but can link to pages on your site where links are, so be careful about how your emails are structured to avoid violating the Operating Agreement. If you are an Influencer, consider using your Influencer storefront link in any emails.
Prime Day is a huge shopping day with a lot going on and a lot of websites competing for users' attention. Build a strong buzz and lay the groundwork with your audience now so that they know to come to your website when Prime Day rolls around.

Even implementing one or two of these strategies could help you see a bump in commissions on Prime Day, so get started now and enjoy the Prime Day commissions later!
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