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Meet an Amazon Associate: Chloe You

We’re working together with seasoned associates to bring you new ideas and proven strategies for improving your success in the Amazon Associates Program.
My name: Chloe You
My marketplace: I focus on communicating to the Korean American community

Associate since: 2017

My focus: Life tips, product reviews, and money-saving deals

My tips for new Amazon Associates

I became an Amazon Associate after moving from Korea to the United States and finding it hard to locate tips and discount information targeted to my interests, experience, and preferences. These are the top three lessons that helped my site, MODUBA, become one of the fastest-growing online Korean American communities in the U.S.

Tip 1: Make it personal

I joined Amazon Associates because I wanted to work with a company who values their customers as much as I do. I feel very comfortable promoting Amazon’s products because I know they're backed by a trustworthy company with competitive prices and great customer service.

One tip I would give new associates is to take some time in the beginning to think of a clear mission statement for your business. Ask yourself what you are passionate about because your audience will be able to sense your genuine interest and belief in that topic. This will eventually result in higher conversions. A clear brand identity combined with amazing content works wonders in bringing your visitors back and generating word-of-mouth marketing.

Having a clear mission statement, great content, treating your audience as family, and focusing on building trust is key in this business. Your audience should come first, even over short-term profits. If you wouldn’t recommend a product or service to your loved ones, you should not promote it. This is a marathon and it’s very important to create a brand that people will trust and be proud of supporting in the future.

Tip 2: Pay attention to what's working

Consumers tend to identify strongly with the brands they frequent. A polished brand image will allow content to go viral more easily and customers will be more likely to share it with their friends and family. In order to know if your brand is successful, you need to have the tools to track your audience's response to your content and recommendations.

My favorite aspect of the Amazon Associates Program is being able to see what is being ordered in real-time, with Consolidated Summary of Earnings. Seeing this allows me to determine what my audience wants and how I should adjust my promotions in the future. Also, the Associates Central platform has lots of tips that help me increase my conversions. In addition, the forums are very helpful and the support system is amazing.

Tip 3: Seize holiday opportunities

Building a relationship with your audience is the most important part of this business. Just like any relationship, you need to build trust gradually and consistently so when the time comes for them to shop on a holiday, you will be the first on their minds when they are looking for something to buy.

To prepare for an upcoming holiday sales opportunity, I look at industry trends and my performance from last year to see what generated the most sales. I also regularly connect with my community to get a sense of what products are trending now.

This year, I am creating a content sequence leading up to Mother’s Day. For example, I will post tips on how to prepare for Mother’s Day three weeks in advance. I will then post another article one week later asking if my readers have already bought a Mother’s Day present. Finally, I will recommend last-minute presents that can be ordered from Amazon. Using this sequence allows me to adjust my promotions based on what my audience is ordering while creating a sense of urgency to generate more sales.
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