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How Brad Kowitz of TrailRecon Connects Viewers to Gear and Earns Commissions With the Amazon Influencer Program

In continuation of our case study series, we’re excited to feature this profile of Brad Kowitz and the TrailRecon brand! We know you’ll gain insights and inspiration in reading how Brad has evolved his affiliate marketing in transitioning from the Amazon Associates Program to the Influencers Program. He took a comprehensive approach that had a big impact — let’s dig in!

The Brand

TrailRecon is an off-roading YouTube channel and website “all about getting dirty and having fun.”
Brad and his son record their trail adventures in their Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, and bring fans along for the ride as they test gear and equipment, check out new trails, and share their best off-roading tips and tricks.

The Recommendations

Brad was already an Amazon Associate, so when he was accepted into the Influencer Program, he made immediate use of his Amazon storefront and URL. He organized his previously scattered product links from his videos into Idea Lists on his store, and built out the categories even more to create a more complete shopping experience.
As you’d expect, TrailRecon viewers are very interested in the products and tools Brad and his son recommend for hitting the trails, so the TrailRecon Amazon store is full of off-roading essentials, Jeep upgrade tools, camping gear, and the like.

The Strategy

Brad went all-in on directing interested followers to his Amazon storefront. Here’s a look at the updates he made when he joined the Influencer Program and set up his store URL:
Brad also went back to his most popular videos and linked up relevant Idea Lists, so viewers could click directly to the appropriate category of products in his store.

The Results

Here’s Brad himself describing his experience:
With his focused efforts, Brad was able to streamline his approach to product linking and achieve a substantial increase in revenue! Some viewers even thanked him for setting up his store and introducing them to great new products.

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