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Amazon Live now offers influencers a new way to earn on Amazon

Your Influencer storefront is an all-in-one stop of all your favorite product picks. In addition to curating your storefront with Idea Lists and Shoppable Photos, there’s a new way for influencers to create content on Amazon - shoppable livestreams with Amazon Live. Your livestreams appear directly on your storefront as well as other placements across, and give you another way to earn commissions. Livestreaming is available to all influencers in the Amazon Influencer Program. Read on to learn more about how it works and getting started.

How it works

You will set up your livestream using the Amazon Live Creator app, which is available only for iOS devices. You can stream at any time, either directly from your phone’s camera or using an external camera and broadcasting software from your desktop computer. Read more about broadcasting here.

In the app, you’ll customize your livestream by adding a title, selecting a time for going live, and choosing what products you want to showcase in a shoppable product carousel that’s visible to viewers of your stream. In addition to seeing the products you are showcasing, shoppers can chat with you during your livestream, redeem any promo codes you have included with your livestreams, and follow you on Amazon to get notified when you go live in the future,

Starting with your first livestream, your Amazon followers are eligible to receive notifications when you go live. This includes existing Amazon followers you’ve created, and followers from your livestreams. Your livestreams will also automatically appear on your Influencer storefront. We recommend sharing links to your influencer storefront with your audience outside of Amazon so they can watch the livestream. In addition to your influencer storefront, your livestream is also eligible to appear in category rows on

As you complete certain livestreaming milestones, you are eligible to level up and unlock more Amazon Live benefits - including more placements, like the home page. You can become eligible to level up by streaming longer and driving sales. Learn more about the Amazon Live levels here.

How do I earn

From your first livestream, you are eligible to earn commissions. When you start streaming, your livestreams appear on your Influencer storefront and on You earn from qualifying purchases made from your livestream on your Influencer storefront, and from shoppers who watch your livestream using the unique sharable links from the Amazon Live Creator app. The links already includes your associate tagging.

Amazon Live also enables you to earn earn commissions for qualifying purchases from shoppers who discover you on and other livestreaming placements on through the Onsite Associates program. Learn more. Leveling up can help you earn more onsite commissions, as leveling up makes your livestreams eligible to appear in more placements. Learn more about the Amazon Live levels here.

Getting Access

All participants of the Amazon Influencer Program with a US account are invited to livestream with the Amazon Live Creator app. If you aren’t a participant of the program (or you are a participant but not in the US), you must sign up and be approved before you can start livestreaming. Once you are approved, download the Amazon Live Creator app. From there, open the app and select ‘Amazon Influencer Program’ to login using the same credentials as you do on Associates Central. You’ve now created your Amazon Live Creator app account and connected it to your Influencer account.

Getting Started

Now that you have access to the app, it’s time to get familiar with Amazon Live and livestreaming on

1. Check out our Quick Start Guide and Community Policy before your first stream. All streams that don’t abide by our Community Policy will result in moderation violations and your streams will be taken down. Also, take a look at the page to get a feel of how other brands and influencers are using livestreaming. When you feel ready, select ‘+’ at the bottom of the app screen to create a livestream.
2. If you want to practice privately first, toggle on the Practice Mode - which means you can still set up your livestream and test all the features. However, it won’t publish to Amazon shoppers and will only be visible to you in the app. Some influencers find this helpful to get comfortable with how it works and plan out for when they go live (for example - how long to talk about each product, how to handle features like live-only promotions, chat, link sharing or adjusting the product focus of the product carousel). You can test your audio, lighting and connection speed in Practice Mode as well.
3. If you think you’re ready, start your livestream! After every livestream, you’re able to get a download link so you can download the video file to your computer. Remember, the more you stream with Amazon Live and level up, the more benefits you unlock. Read more about how to level up and the benefits for each level.

Learn More

Looking for more technical help? Check out FAQs on the Amazon Live site.
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