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Amazon Local Associates Program: Earn 6% on Amazon Local referrals

What makes Amazon Local different?

  • You will get paid for users who purchase within 30 days of a referral from a Special Link (see details here).
  • Customers get access to exclusive daily deals across a number of categories and can set preferences to see more of the deals they want.
  • Deal categories include: Adventure & Activities, Arts & Entertainment, Automotive, Beauty, Education & Classes, Food, Health & Medical Services, Home, Pet, Professional & Retail Services, Restaurants, Retail Products, and Toys, Kids & Baby.
  • In addition to our daily updated local deals, previous deals have included:
    • $30 Off a Kindle Fire HD 8.9” Wi-Fi 16GB
    • $100 to Spend on Mercedes-Benz Services
    • $10 Gift Card for only $5

SPOTLIGHT: Building Links and Banners

Link to Amazon Local using our compelling graphical banners.
  • To build a Banner Link, visit the Banner Links page in Associates Central.
  • Many standard banner sizes and shapes available.
Text Links

Copy any of the URLs below and enter your Associate Store ID into the section of the URL labeled "Insert_Store_ID". For example, if your Store ID is "mywebsite-20", then an Associate referral link to the Amazon Local homepage is

Note: when you place your ID within an event-specific URL, our site may redirect and remove your store ID tag. However, don't worry, your session is still tagged and will be attributed to your store ID.

Example Pages
Amazon Local Homepage

City Page

Individual Deal*

All Deals in a City

National Deals

*Note on linking to individual deals:


Deals sell on a first-come, first-serve basis on Amazon Local. If you choose to link to an individual deal, there is a chance that it will sell out. This will not impact the tracking status of this user so if they go on to buy a different deal, you would still earn any applicable advertising fees.

Deal Feed
A deal feed will help you programmatically pull in content across full range of categories which include restaurants, travel, beauty, entertainment, and much more. The feed, which updates content hourly, is provided in JSON format and will enable you to display relevant text and imagery while presenting price and saving messages. It can also be parsed by the set of categories and geographies to enable you to display relevant content to your customers. You control what to show from our deal feed.

1. You must be signed up for our Product Advertising API. Click here for more info and/or sign up. (Note: This deal feed is available outside of the current Product Advertising API system.)
2. After you have signed up for the Product Advertising API, click here and choose "Local deals feed request" to submit your request.

3. This page will help you set up the feed for your use. Click here for more info and/or sign up. (Note: This deal feed is available outside of the current Product Advertising API system.)

Want to become an Amazon Local Associate?

Advertise Amazon Local and Monetize your Website
If you are an existing Associate, you are already eligible to earn advertising fees on qualifying sales on Amazon Local. Simply sign in to your Amazon Associates account and start building links.

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