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What is a Verified Profile?

Q: What is a Verified Profile?
A: Verified Profile pages are Amazon pages that capture your social identity, including a public name, a short bio and recent content, social media links and updates published across Amazon’s social experiences. This content includes reviews, questions, answers, Idea Lists, Spark stories, and a tile that links to your Influencer Store.

Q: Can shoppers follow me on Amazon?
A: Yes. Shoppers can follow you by clicking on the Follow button located on your Verified Profile and your store page.

Q: What happens when a shopper follows me?
A: When a shopper follows you on Amazon they’ll receive updates via email and push notifications whenever you contribute new content on the site, including writing a review or creating a new Idea List on your store page.

Q: Can I delete or hide the content displayed on the Activity Timeline on my Verified Profile?
A: Yes. All content displayed in the Activity Timeline can be hidden by:
(1) Clicking on the three dots on the top right corner of the contribution; (2) selecting “Hide on my profile.” If the action was successful, you will see a “Hidden by you” message on the bottom left hand side of contribution. You can unhide the contribution at any time by following the same steps. Note that this only hides the contribution on your profile; the contribution is still available for other customers to view in other locations on To learn how to edit delete a contribution, please visit here.

Q: Where are my social media links displayed?
A: All of your social media links are displayed on your Verified Profile. You can add, edit or delete this links by: (1) clicking “Edit your Profile”; (2) adding or modifying social media links in the “Add social links to your profile” section. All social media links are displayed in the “About” section of your Verified Profile.

Q: Is my Influencer store linked to my Verified Profile?
A: Yes. Shoppers that visit your Verified Profile can navigate directly to your store by clicking the link located at the top of the profile. Shoppers can also click to your profile from your store.

Q: Can I opt out of having a Verified Profile?
A: No. Verified Profile are required for all Amazon Influencer Program participants.

Q: Can I make my Verified Profile private?
A: No. All Verified Profile are public.

Q: How do I change the name displayed on my Verified Profile?
A: You can change your profile name by contacting customer service.

Q: Can I follow myself?
A: No, you cannot follow yourself on Amazon.

Q: Are there any privileges that come with being verified?
A: In addition to the verified badge and link to your storefront, all influencers are eligible to participate in all of the Amazon social experiences, to include writing a review and publishing to Spark. Be on the lookout for new benefits in the coming months.

Q: If my influencer storefront closes, do I remain verified?
A: Yes, in the event that your storefront closes you will remain verified on Amazon.
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