1. What actions does Alexa Shopping Kit support? 

Add the product to the customer's cart, complete the purchase via voice, add the product to the customer's Amazon Wish List, and recommend select products. 

2. What Alexa skill types does Shopping Kit support? 

Today we support the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK)

3. What devices does Shopping Kit support? 

Echo (all models), Echo Dot (all models), Echo Show (all models), Echo Spot, and Fire TV. 

4. What locales and languages does Shopping Kit support for skill developers?

While Shopping Kit is available in the following marketplaces: German (DE), English (AU, CA, UK, IN, US), Spanish (ES, MX, US), French (FR, CA), Hindi (IN), Italian (IT), Japanese (JP), Portuguese (BR), Associates on Alexa currently is available only in the US and the UK.

5. Does Shopping Kit have any restrictions for how it is used?

Yes, 1) To use Alexa Shopping in your skill, customers must enable voice purchasing in the Alexa app. 2) To purchase products in your skill, customers must have a default 1-click setting enabled on their Amazon account. 3) You can't use Alexa Shopping Actions in child-directed skills. 4) You can't use Alexa Shopping Actions in Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) skills.

6. Are there any product categories that are restricted? 

Please refer to the restrictions that apply to skills that use Alexa Shopping Actions. These restrictions will apply to Associates on Alexa as well.

7. What is an example of how Shopping Kit could be used? 

A role-playing ‘game’ skill might offer the customer the opportunity to buy the corresponding board game. Customers pay for products by using the payment options associated with their Amazon account.

8. What does the shopping flow look like, and are there any examples? 

For example voice shopping flows, see Design the Product Recommendation.

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