What are tracking IDs, and how does the new site help Associates use them?

With tracking IDs, Associates can analyse the performance of various Web sites or merchandising strategies while accumulating earnings under a single Associates ID. For example, Associate storeid-20 might use the tracking ID storeid-1-20 to track referrals from his Web site, and storeid-2-21 to track referrals from his newsletter. Each ID would generate earnings for his Associates account storeid-20. He can view earnings for all tracking IDs taken together, or generate reports for each tracking ID individually. If you would like to create tracking IDs for your Associates account, please visit your account and click on "Manage your Tracking ID"link.

We have added several features to the site to help Associates who use tracking IDs analyse their performance and build custom links. You will:

  • Get results faster. The Tracking ID Summary Report now includes data for only those tracking IDs that have activity in the requested time period, making it easier to read and faster to load.
  • Analyse performance more easily. Reports data for Associates accounts now include the tracking ID for each transaction. Get all the data you need in a single download instead of generating a report for each tracking ID.
  • Save time while building links. You can change the tracking ID to be used in the resulting code at any time while you're building links. This increases your flexibility and eliminates the need for you to repeat steps.
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