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Amazon Associates Responsive Banners FAQ

1. What is a "Responsive Banner"? Why should I use a Responsive Banner instead of a static banner?

Mobile commerce is growing with consumers using smartphones and tablets more frequently to browse the web and make purchases. To help ensure our banners appear correctly regardless of the device used, we have introduced Responsive Banners. Our current, static banners are a fixed size on all devices, however Responsive Banners will display the appropriate size whether your visitor came from a desktop or mobile device. We are able to serve either a 320x50 or a 728x90 sized banner, depending on the banner slot size and the device viewing the banner.

2. Why is the Responsive Banner section labeled as "Beta"?

We are currently running a public beta to monitor, test and gather feedback on the performance of Responsive Banners. If you have any feedback, please contact us.

3. Does my website need to be mobile responsive for me to use a Responsive Banner?

We encourage you to use the Responsive banner for all instances of your website. Whether you have a desktop only or m-enabled website, “Responsive Banners” will work with either.

4. How do I add a Responsive Banner in my web page?

Responsive Banners are available only as JavaScript versus iframe. Click the "Highlight HTML" button and then copy the selected HTML. Paste this snippet in your web page’s HTML section where you want the banner to appear. If you use a content editor tool, switch to the "HTML" view before pasting the ad code.

5. How is the size of the banner determined for a Responsive banner?

We recognize the device type, browser variant, screen width and available slot size for the ad unit to determine the appropriate banner size, 320x50 or 768x90 to show your visitors.

6. What is the difference between a JavaScript and an iframe banner? Which one should I use?

A JavaScript banner can determine the optimal ad size for the device and serve up the appropriate version to be shown in a specific ad slot. An iframe banner on the other hand is constrained by its original size and cannot render ads in varying sizes.

You are welcome to use either of the two formats (iframe or JavaScript), however, Responsive banners are only available in the JavaScript format.

7. Do JavaScript banners load or render differently compared to an iframe banner?

There is no difference in the banner load or render time performance.

8. Will my old iframe banners continue to work?

Yes. Existing banners will continue to work.

9. I have a website running on my own domain name with a hosting provider. Can I use a JavaScript or an iframe banner in a WordPress installation on this website?

Absolutely. If you have installed WordPress as a software package on your own domain name, then you can use either of JavaScript or iframe banners.

10. Can I use a JavaScript or an iframe banner in my blog hosted on

Blogs hosted on are not allowed to embed JavaScript or iframe code. This is a security restriction from but there are plug-ins to allow for usage.

11. I prefer inline banners. How do I make my content wrap / flow around the banner?

The JavaScript banners are already pre-formatted for being inline. Content can flow around these banners. The ad html is nested within a set of div tags that also specifies their alignment – the default is "left". You can modify this alignment to "center" or "right" to suit your needs.

12. Do all of the banner campaigns have Responsive Banners?

We are continuing to add new campaigns that include Responsive Banners.

13. When will I get Responsive Banners in other formats / types – square, skyscraper etc.?

We are currently testing our most popular sizes first and will add new formats in the near future.

14. How do I provide feedback for the Responsive Banner beta?

If you have any feedback, please contact us.

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