What is Consolidated Summary of Earnings?

What is Consolidated Summary of Earnings? Consolidated Summary of Earnings simplifies the management of your Amazon Associates account with a holistic view of your program earnings in a single location. This summary is now available for store IDs within the same country, within the same program, as well as across countries and programs. You simply link them together to see a consolidated summary of your affiliate commissions across all store IDs in a single view. You can still access the detailed reporting for specific store IDs as you do today.

What do you mean by “programs”? We are referring to the different ways you can earn from Amazon Associates across the Amazon Associates program, Amazon Influencer Program, and Amazon Onsite Associates program.

How do I link my stores? Go to your account settings and look for the option to “Link Store IDs”, and click on it. Store IDs that are eligible for linking or verification, will be listed here. You can link all eligible store IDs with a single click or choose the ones you prefer to link. Note, if you have more than 25 store IDs that are eligible for linking, you will need to repeat the linking operation in batches of 25 at a time.
Figure 1: Link stores across countries

Figure 2: Success message after linking stores

I do not see a store ID as being "eligible for linking". Can I still link it? You will need to add this store ID manually. On the store linking page click “+ Add Store ID” and enter the store ID that you want to link to. Now we will ask you to authenticate yourself by signing in using the credentials of the linked store ID to prove that you are a valid user on that store ID. Note, you can only enter one store ID at a time using this option, and you cannot add another store ID manually until you verify the first pending one.

Figure 3: Explicitly linking a store ID by entering it manually

I manually linked a store ID and it was pending verification, but I do not see it now. Why? We automatically delete pending link store IDs in five days for customer privacy and security. You will need to add this store ID again and authenticate the request within five days. We provide reminders of store IDs pending verification through notifications on associates central, please remember to click on them and take timely action.

Why do I not see the option to link my stores IDs? Be sure you are signed in as the primary user of the store ID on Associates Central to be able to see this option.

How do I un-link a store ID? Click on “Account Settings > Link store IDs” and click on “Edit”. Then uncheck the box next to any store ID you wish to un-link. Please note, unlinking a store ID will also remove its reporting data from your consolidated reports. If you have multiple store IDs you want to un-link, you will need to repeat this step in batches of up to five store IDs.

Figure 4: Click the option to edit your linked stores

Figure 5: Unselect the store you want to unlink and hit submit changes. We will ask you to confirm your choice once, and then you are all set   

How do I access the consolidated summary of earnings view? Click on Reports from your navigation menu to access your consolidated report, which is an aggregate view of your earnings across linked stores. If you have linked store IDs across programs and countries, then you will see a global summary of your total earnings along with the split of each country's total earnings on the page. You will also see a split of "on Amazon" and "off Amazon" earnings displayed within each country's card. You may click into the country's card to know more about "on Amazon" and "off Amazon" earnings. If you have linked store IDs across programs but not across countries, then you will see just the single card for the country in which all your store IDs are configured in, along with the granular view of your earnings across "on Amazon" and "off Amazon" referrals. 

Figure 6: Sample view when you have many store IDs (collapsed)

Figure 7: Sample view when you have many store IDs (expanded)

Figure 8: Sample view of a single country dashboard

What are "on Amazon" earnings? This captures earnings from referrals from your published content (i.e. articles, livestreams, photos, lists, and videos) on Amazon inclusive of your Influencer storefront.

Figure 9: Sample view of what you see when you click "on amazon" along the tabs

What are "off Amazon" earnings? This captures earnings from referrals from your content outside of the Amazon retail website such as publisher websites, blogs, social media sites, and includes product links, and bounties.

Figure 10: Sample view of what you see when you click "off amazon" along the tabs

I am an Amazon Influencer, and I drive traffic directly to product detail pages and to my storefront. How will this help me? Any traffic you drive directly to Amazon product detail pages will be classified as “off Amazon” and any traffic you drive to your storefront will be classified as “On Amazon”. With this new consolidated summary, you can see how on and off Amazon placements are performing as soon as you click "Reports".

I am an Amazon onsite associate, and I drive traffic to Amazon through my website’s articles and publish content onsite to Amazon. How will this help me? Any traffic you drive directly to Amazon from your website or with tags from your standard associate store ID will be classified as “off Amazon” and any referrals that result from your published content being featured in Amazon placements will be classified as “On Amazon”. Previously, you would have to switch between store IDs to view reporting details, and now we have simplified this with a consolidated view across your store IDs.

How do I access detailed reporting for a store ID? On the consolidated report view, select the store ID from within the country’s card to access that store ID's detailed reports.

I am based in the US and prefer to see all my earnings data in USD, how do I do this? You can use the currency selector within the consolidated reporting view to refresh the report in your preferred currency. Note the currency conversion feature is provided for convenience using approximated foreign exchange rates and does not reflect your actual earnings that will be paid out. You will still receive your earnings paid out based on the payment preferences submitted.

Can I access consolidated reporting on my mobile device? Simply log into Associates Central on your mobile device’s web browser and navigate to the reports page.

Can I download my consolidated summary of earnings? The consolidated summary of earnings cannot be downloaded at this time. It can only be viewed on a desktop, laptop or mobile device.

I have previously linked store IDs as part of OneLink. What happens to those now? Previously linked store IDs will continue to exist and be available for you to manage under "Account Settings > Link Store IDs".

Where is the option to specify my default tracking ID for redirecting international clicks? You can find this under “Account Settings > Default Tracking IDs”.

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