Can I earn advertising fees promoting Amazon Trade-in?

Earn commission income when customers you refer sell their used items to Amazon
You can earn 4% commission income on items your customers sell to Amazon’s Trade-In program. Customers can trade in their used items for Amazon Gift Cards, regardless of where the items were originally purchased. Amazon Trade-In offers:

  • Thousands of trade-in eligible items
  • Competitive trade-in values
  • Free shipping to Amazon for trade-in items

Program Details

How does the Amazon Trade-In Bounty Program work?
Associates put special links and banners promoting Amazon Trade-In on their websites. These links direct customers to the appropriate Trade-In store or to a trade-in eligible item. Referred customers are tracked from the time they add items to their Trade-In cart up until these items are received by Amazon. Associates earn commission income for items accepted by Amazon.

Some examples of effective ways to direct customers to Trade-In:

  • In product content and adding a Trade-In link: If your website features product reviews, you can easily create a link to a trade-in page for items related to your product reviews. For example, if your website reviews Android smartphones, you can create a link to the trade-in page for “Android smartphones” using the special link format below. The link could have the anchor text: “Trade in your old phone for an Amazon Gift Card”. By clicking on the link, a customer is directed to the corresponding item search result on Amazon Trade-In.
  • Add a Trade-In banner: We have an array of banners promoting the Amazon Trade-in program for Books, Consumer Electronics, and Video Games. Choose the banner that is appropriate for your website content and template.

How do I integrate and set up tracking?
To direct your customers to Amazon Trade-In, you may add Trade-In banners or use the links below making sure to substitute in your Associate Tag/ ID at the end. Following URLs are for illustrative purpose only, you need to validate category, ASIN or item parameters for your use. 

General Trade-In:

Search terms can be included with a “+” in between each term with no spaces. For example, the correct URL for Android smartphones is:

What are the commission income rates for Amazon Trade-In?
Participating categories, which consist of Books, Consumer Electronics, Video Games, Video Game Consoles and Accessories, offer an acommission income rate of 4% of an item's trade-in value.

How are commission income computed?
Commission income are computed as a percentage of an accepted item’s trade-in value. Customers select a condition upon submission which has an associated trade-in value. Before being accepted, an item is graded to verify its condition. Trade-in value is the face value of the Amazon Gift Card given to the customer when the item is accepted.

Do I receive commission income for items rejected or returned by Amazon Trade-In?
No, you will only receive commission income for items accepted by Amazon. Commission income are based on the graded trade-in value of accepted items.

Is there a limit to the number of items I can earn commission income on per referred session?
No, there is no limit. All items added to the Trade-In cart during a session are attributed to the referring Associate. Commission income are earned once these items are submitted and shipped by the customer, and then graded and accepted by Amazon.

Do items added to the Trade-In cart by my referred customer ever expire?
No, they do not. Unless removed by the customer, items added to the Trade-In cart do not expire and will always be tagged to the referring Associate. However, once the trade-in order is submitted and a prepaid shipping label provided, the customer has seven (7) days to ship his item.

How can I track how much Trade-In commission income I have earned?
You can view your Trade-In earnings by logging into Associates Central and viewing the Miscellaneous Referrals report. Be sure to check “combined reports” when looking at Trade-In activity for all your tracking IDs.

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