aStore Widgets

1. What are aStore widgets?

With aStore widgets, you can display products from your aStore. You can add aStore widgets to various pages of your website and drive traffic to your aStore. Use the Build Links tool to select the appearance and behavior of the ad, and then simply cut-and-paste the code into your template or Web page. Your page will now display aStore widget.

2. When do I earn a referral fee?

You earn referral fees whenever a visitor follows an aStore widget link from your Web site to aStore and makes a purchase through aStore.

3. What does the compensation plan look like for the aStore widgets?

The compensation plan for the aStore widgets is the same as our existing compensation plan for associates (see Referral Fees).

4. Where do I get the products to show in the aStore widget?

Products from the homepage of your aStore are automatically selected to display in your aStore widget.

5. I am seeing a generic Amazon ad instead of aStore products in my widget. Why is this happening?

If your aStore home page does not have sufficient product, then aStore widget will show a default advertisement instead of product images. On rare occasions, default ads can also be shown due to technical problems with Amazons systems. If defaults persist on your site, please contact customer support.

6. Where can I see a report for my aStore widgets?

To see the results of the aStore widgets, please go to the report section of Associates Central and select the Link-Type Report. From there you will be able to see a report including all of the following details for you aStore widget. This includes: Number of Impressions Served, Click-Through Rate, Number of Clicks, Conversion Rate, Number of Items Ordered, Number of Items Shipped, and your Referral Fees.

7. How do I modify the Appearance of my aStore Widget?

To modify the appearance of the widget, you can modify the colors of various elements.

Border Color

Use the Border Color option to modify the color of the thin border surrounding the widget. If you have chosen the hide logo option, then changing the border color will change both the border and the background color of the branding text.

Background color

Use this option to modify the background color of the ads. Take care that the background color you choose still leaves the other elements of the ad clearly visible.

Link color, Details text color, Price color

With the Link color you can modify the color of the title (displayed as a link) of the product. Change Price color to modify the color of the price shown in the widget. Modifying the Details text color lets you change the color of the author (for books), artist (for music), or the brand or manufacturer name of the product being displayed. text color

The option text color only applies if you have chosen to hide the Amazon logo graphic and display the text instead of an image. Use this option to choose the color for the text. Take care choosing the text color to ensure that remains visible.

8. How do I modify the Template Style?

You have the following options to modify the template Style:

Header content

Use this to control the branding for the ad. Choose between: Show as logo to show the brand as an image, and Show as text which will display as text. Note that you can modify the color of the text using the text color Template Color feature. The background color for the text can be modified with the Border color feature in the Template Color section.

Banner Size

The Banner size option lets you choose the size of the widget that you want to use. Ads are listed by their pixel dimensions. The selected banner size will automatically be shown in the preview so you can see the actual display size of the banner and the number of products that will be shown in that banner.

Clicked Link to Open in:

This option lets you choose, for when an is clicked on, whether the website should be opened in a new browser window (option: new window) or in the same browser window as the page containing the ad (option: same window).


Border lets you select if the banner should have a thin (1px) border or not. Selecting Show border shows the border, and Hide border shows the banner with no border. If the border is shown, it is easy to change the color of the border in the Template Colors section.

9. Why do I sometimes get an error message when I modify colors?

Some of the elements used on the banners should always be visible and associates must ensure that these elements can be clearly seen. As part of the conditions of use of aStore widgets, Associates must ensure that the following elements are visible:

a) the text when Show as text is selected

b) the Privacy Information link

This message appears as a warning that the colors chosen may result in the text not being clearly visible. For example, if the Background color is close to the text color then the text may not be visible against the background. If you see the warning but the necessary text is clearly visible, then you may ignore the warning and use the code.

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