aStore Widget Help

What are the aStore widgets?

The aStore widgets offer the flexibility to display Amazon’s unique features and content like product similarities, accessories, customer reviews, Listmania lists and wishlists.

How do you display the widgets on your aStore?

Simply select the widgets you want to display on your store pages, configure the wishlist widget if you choose to use it, and select if you want to display the sidebar widgets on the right or left side of your store.

What widgets are supported through aStore?

There are seven widgets, and they are listed below with their descriptions:

1. Listmania

Following the philosophy that "everyone loves lists," Listmania enables Amazon users to compile their favorite products in themed categories for the whole Amazon audience to see. A list can include any item in the Amazon catalog.

Based on the products you select for each category page, the Listmania widget shows the three top lists from Amazon which have those items in them.

2. Amazon Wishlist

There are two options for the Amazon wishlist widget.

a)Display to your site visitors their wishlists when they are recognized by our systems as an Amazon customer with a valid wishlist or

b)Locate a specific wishlist, such as your own, that will always populate the widget.

Once you have decided on a wishlist, you can specify how many products to display, a title for the widget, and how the products should be selected (most recently added or random). Once you have specified the options for this widget, you can click the Edit link to change them later.

3. Similar Items

These products are being suggested to your customers based on the similarity of the displayed product or products with other products. These are determined based on click behavior, buying pattern and product attributes .

4. Accessories

The Accessories widget will display common accessories for a particular product. This gives you an opportunity to upsell accessories as well as keep you customers on your website.

Products such as cell phones (with accessories like ear phones, battery chargers etc.) will trigger the Accessories widget to display if you choose to enable it.

5. Customers who bought this also bought...

This widget suggests products to your visitors based on what other customers bought with the item being displayed.

6. Customer Reviews

Reviews submitted by Amazon users for the item being displayed are shown on your aStore product detail pages.

7. Editorial Reviews

Reviews submitted by editors, manufacturers, sellers and merchants are shown on your aStore product detail pages.

Why don’t some widgets show up for some users even when I have selected them?

The aStore Widgets produce lists of products based on a given input. If the input provided does not result in a sufficient number of output products, the widgets will not be displayed for your customer. For example, the Amazon Wishlist widget will display products from a customer’s Amazon wishlist. The widget will not be displayed if the user is not recognized as an Amazon customer.

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