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Instagram Creators: Your Guide to success in the Amazon Influencer Program

It takes a lot to reach Influencer status on Instagram — an incredible amount of talent, charisma, knowledge, dedication, and drive. Hats off to you! And while many great things come with such an achievement, a big one is the (good) affiliate opportunities. You get to share in the sale of top products and services you’d probably be evangelizing anyway!

The Amazon Influencer Program kicks this whole scenario up a few notches. From the vast product marketplace and extensive bounty selection; to a dedicated support hub of tools, info, and resources; to the personalized Amazon storefronts and simple, shareable URLs; it’s easy to see why so many in fluencers choose to be an Amazon affiliate.

However, all that possibility can be a bit intimidating. What you need first is a break down of the basics: what you can promote, how you can promote it, and where to go for help. That’s this guide — all of that and more is below. Let’s dig in!

What You Can Promote

You probably already know you can share your fave products, and you’ll surely be doing plenty of that. Here’s a look at more offerings:
  • Products: Not much more to explain here. You can hook your followers up with your top product recommendations.
  • Promotions and Bounties: You have a host of exciting special offers and promo codes to share with your audience. You can also recommend valuable Amazon services and programs — called “bounties” — like Prime and Audible. The bounty category includes sales and special offers within it as well. Lots to share!
  • Lists: You can organize your product picks into themed Idea Lists (e.g., Valentine’s Day Gift Guide) on your storefront, and then instead of individually sharing each product, you can link up the list itself.
  • Store: Your short and simple store URL allows you to connect folks to your one-stop shop of all your product recommendations.

How You Can Promote

You have several options for incorporating links into your Instagram content. Which method you choose will depend on what you’re sharing, the content type you’re sharing it in, the Instagram features that are available to you, and what makes sense for your brand. Here’s the rundown:
To share your store:
  • Include store URL in bio: While you can put this in the official URL field provided, you can also just put it in the text with the rest of your description. It won’t be linked there, but the URL is simple enough that users will have no trouble remembering it to type into their web browser (they can also copy-paste). Have mutiple links you'd like to share in your bio? Try a linking tool like Linktree, which allows you to get a single bio link to house all the content you’re driving followers to!
  • Include store URL in captions: Similar to above, while you can’t link it here, you can trust that the URL is so memorable it doesn’t matter.
  • Link store URL in stories: Great option if you have the “swipe up” feature.
  • Include store URL in text on stories: Great option if you don’t have the “swipe up” feature (and still good even if you do).
  • Say store URL in stories: It’s such an easy URL that you can literally just say it and people will remember it. Add text or a link to make it stick even more.
To share your lists, product and promotion picks, and bounty recommendations:
  • Link lists in stories: Do some story content about one of your Idea Lists, and add the link with swipe up..
  • Include shortened product URLs in captions: They’re short enough to remember, but also easy to copy-paste. (You’ll have the option to choose a shortened URL when you generate the link.)
  • Include promo codes and shortened promotion and bounty URLs in captions: Same as above.
  • Link products in stories: Like the lists idea, but for products.
  • Link promotions and bounties in stories: Like the lists idea, but for promotions and bounties.
  • Use a linking tool to make posts clickable to products, promotions, bounties, and lists (or store): You’ll put your linking-tool link in the URL field of your bio, and then direct fans there (the ol’ “link in bio” line). That link will open a grid view of your posts, and the ones you designate will be clickable. Try a linking tool like Linktree or

Pro Tip

A few key pointers:
  • Go big on Stories: Stories are fantastic in general — they’re a huge part of the Instagram experience now — and they’re specifically good for affiliate content. Their casual, transient nature is perfect for quick product and bounty recommendations, and fun list and store shout-outs. Share often!
  • Make good use of Highlights: Be sure to pin your promo stories to Highlights so interested fans can refer back to your recommendations and links.
  • Don’t forget disclosure: You’re required to identify yourself as an Amazon affiliate on your Instagram profile. See the Operating Agreement for official language and requirements.

Where to Go for Help

  • Operating Agreement: This is essentially your contract for participation in the program. It outlines compliance requirements, defines important terms, and covers lots of other important legal stuff.
  • Program Policies: These are similar to the Operating Agreement in that they also define key terms and explain the rules and expectations of common scenarios, but they’re deeper dives into more specific topics like trademark, mobile apps, and IP licensing.
  • Commission Income Schedule: Fun one! This page outlines the commission and bounty rates you’re eligible to earn in each product category and bounty program.
  • Amazon Influencer YouTube Playlist: Some topics are best communicated through video, and we’ve got a whole channel full of inspiring and instructional clips on the affiliate subjects that matter to you.
  • Resource Center: From best practices for online creators to affiliate marketing strategies and tactics to new-tool tutorials and everything in between, the Resource Center is a continuously updated library of helpful articles, created with your specific goals and questions in mind.
  • Discussion Boards: Want some peer advice from your fellow Amazon affiliates? These forums feature message threads on the questions and concerns other program participants have. Browse around or start your own.
  • Contact support: When you need a walk-through or encounter a unique problem, you can call, email, or chat with the Associate Support Team to help you iron things out.
You’re ready! The Amazon Influencer Program is wonderfully wide-ranging, and now you’ve got the info and pointers you need to take advantage of all it offers. To your success!
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