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The Amazon Associate's Guide to the Amazon Influencer Program

As a member of Amazon Associates, you've likely built a large enough audience who trusts your opinion and looks to you for great product recommendations-- and you've seen how much you can earn with the Associates Program.

But if your strategy isn't taking full advantage of your following on social media, you're leaving commissions on the table! Now, you can now join the Amazon Influencer Program to access new tools for recommending products to your readers via social--and, of course, new sources of earnings for yourself. Intrigued? Read on to learn more.

What is the Amazon Influencer Program?

The Amazon Influencer Program gives you access to your own storefront on, which you can customize and curate with your favorite Amazon products and services. Your page on Amazon comes with a custom vanity URL (, which makes it easy to link to across all your social networks.

Amazon Influencer tools are accessed via the same account you use for Amazon Associates and when customers visit your page and shop on Amazon, you're compensated in the same way. Basically, it's all the things you already enjoy about the Amazon Associates Program, but with some cool new tools that make it easy to link to all of your product recommendations at once with just one URL, and a personalized presence on

Is the Amazon Influencer Program right for me?

If you're an Associate with a decent-sized following on social media and you're not already in the Influencer program, you're missing out on opportunities to earn commissions through social. The Amazon Influencer Program is an easy way to generate new earnings from an audience you've already built.

If you don't already have an established following on social media, the Influencer program is probably not right for you. But you can still share affiliate links on all your social channels, and you can always apply for the Influencer Program later if your follower count grows.

How can I get started? What extra tools will I have as an influencer?

  • Explore the Influencer Program on Associates Central: Learn even more about the program and get answers to some commonly asked questions.
  • Apply: You can use your existing Associates account and store ID to register for the additional benefits of the Influencer program. You can qualify for the program with the social network of your choice-- we recommend using the one with the largest following.
  • Set Up Your Vanity Page: Branding is important! Select your custom URL and add photos and a description to your page, so your users know who you are.
  • Add Idea Lists and Bounties to Your Page: Now for the fun part. Use idea lists to add curated product recommendations and categorize your page. You can also earn flat fees each time someone signs up for an Amazon service by adding Bounties to your page.
  • Promote Your Storefront on Your Social Media Channels: Your storefront URL makes it easy to link to your page, but it's up to you to get the word out! Make sure that all of your profiles include a link to your Amazon page, and remember to start integrating links to your storefront and your Idea Lists into your content as well.
  • Track Your Earnings: You can access your Influencer Program earnings reports on your reporting page in Associates Central. To view your Influencer Program earnings, click on the "Fees" tab, scroll down past the graph, and click on the "Link Type Performance" tab. Look for "Amazon Influencer Program" in the table to find information about your storefront's traffic and earnings.
  • Build Social Media Into Your Content Strategy: Your work doesn't end once you've gotten your storefront set up! As you build your editorial calendar, start planning for content on your social media channels and your Amazon page. With a strong integrated content strategy, there's no limit to what you can earn with the Amazon Influencer Program!
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