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How to use Amazon SiteStripe

There are a variety of advertisement options that can help you share Amazon products with your followers. These ads can be in the form of individual text links, banner links, or widgets, and they can be quickly and easily created by SiteStripe and added to your website.

Watch this video and learn how to easily monetize on any Amazon product or page.

It’s easier than ever to create associate links

SiteStripe is a convenient desktop link-creation tool that eliminates the need to visit Associates Central. SiteStripe lets you build your Amazon Associate links right from the Amazon page itself. Once activated, SiteStripe will appear at the top of every Amazon page and provide quick and easy access for building and sharing links.

Use SiteStripe to access helpful features within each Amazon store page

  • Settings: Access or edit settings for SiteStripe.
  • Help: Select this for SiteStripe help.
  • Earnings: Access the Reports tab on Associates Central.
  • Share: Click on the Facebook or Twitter icons to directly share links on either platform using your own account. After you select the channel, you can add text to customize your post.
  • Link—Text and Image: Select this to create the HTML code for a link box with the name, picture, and current price of the product, and then copy to integrate it into your site.
  • Get Link—Text: Create an HTML code for a text link while you are on a product page. You're able to create long or short links, and then copy to integrate them into your site.
  • Get Link—Image: Create an HTML code for an image link while you are on a product page. You're able to choose from multiple sizes, and then copy to integrate it into your site.

Get ready to earn!

You must be registered in the Amazon Associates Program to display SiteStripe on the Amazon shop page. Follow these steps to ensure SiteStripe is activated:
  • Click on Tools in Associates Central and choose SiteStripe.
  • Scroll down and click Learn more.
  • Scroll further and click Enable in Display Status.
  • Now you will automatically see the SiteStripe bar at the top of every Amazon page you view. If you can't see it, re-enter your registration data in the Amazon Associates Program and then re-visit the Amazon website.
  • You can create a link in SiteStripe and it will be automatically attributed back to your store ID.
  • Copy and paste the link into your site and receive a portion of every product sold.

Fine-tune SiteStripe settings and adjustments

Just click SiteStripe at the far right of the Settings icon and then click SiteStripe Options to amend the settings for SiteStripe. You can also access the SiteStripe options by clicking on My Account > SiteStripe Options within the Amazon Associates Program.

Do you have more questions about Site Stripe? Visit our FAQs for help.

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