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Shoppable Photos: How-to Create and Best Practices

Shoppable Photos are just what they sound like: your images, displayed on your storefront, with tagged links to Amazon product detail pages. Through your photos, followers can see real-life visuals of items, how you might use them, and why you love them. Shoppable Photos add a personalized, visual experience, with a carousel of on-brand imagery for customers to browse and shop.

Shoppable Photos: How to create

If you are on Desktop: Sign in using the e-mail address associated with your Influencer account and go to your storefront (e.g. amazon.com/shop/YourStorefrontName).
  • Click ‘Create Content’
  • Click the photo icon in the lower left
  • Upload your photo (up to 10MB) and add a description
  • Tag up to 10 items per photo
  • - Click the uploaded photo to open the tagging screen
    - Click an item you want to tag
    - Find the item or a close match using the search window and tap item to tag
    - Once you’ve tagged all items, click ‘Done’
  • Write a caption (just above the photo)
  • Click ‘Post’ in the lower right
  • If you’re using the Amazon Shopping app: Sign in using the e-mail address associated with your Influencer account and go to your storefront.
    To go to your storefront on mobile:
  • Tap the main menu (☰) and tap your name
  • In your profile screen, tap ‘Shop my favorite products’ to go to your storefront
  • Once you’re in your storefront, you can create a Shoppable Photo:
  • Tap ‘Create Content’
  • Tap ‘Shoppable photo’
  • Tap the photo icon in the lower left
  • Choose ‘Camera’ to take a photo or ‘Files’ to upload a photo (both up to 10MB)
  • Tag up to 10 items per photo
  • - Tap the photo to open the tagging screen
    - Tap an item you want to tag
    - Find the item or a close match using the search window and tap item to tag
    - Once you’ve tagged all items, tap ‘Done’ (top left of screen)
  • Write a caption (just above the photo)
  • Tap ‘Post’ to publish
  • Shoppable Photo Example

    When clicked, customers see your image, caption, and products you have linked:

    Shoppable Photos: Best practices

    Shoppable Photos are all about the visual experience, so you’ll want to follow some best practices to create the most engaging content.


    Use high-resolution, in focus imagery. Photos should be at least 800x800 pixels at 72 DPI.
    Set the stage. Use photos that showcase items in a realistic setting. For example, tag your new throw pillows on the couch in a photo of your living room. Or, tag your new Dutch oven on the stovetop as you prep to make dinner. This helps customers envision how items fit into their daily lives. Be mindful of background clutter; it can be distracting and pull focus from featured items.
    Add comments to the caption section. Some ideas:
    - Fashion: why you like it, how it fits, where you’d wear it
    - Home: why you like it, how to use it, where you’d put it in your home
    Tag up to 10 items. The more items you tag increases the likelihood a customer will complete a purchase. Tag items as accurately as possible, or find very similar options at different price points.
    If you need some inspiration, take a look at these high-quality storefronts that exemplify the recommendations above.


    Avoid black & white photography. Customers value seeing items in full color and full context.
    Avoid creative treatments like collages and text overlays. Customers love full-bleed images (meaning no borders) as they display items more clearly. Keep imagery simple, with the items you’ve picked front and center.
    Avoid heavily filtered or edited imagery. Help customers better see the items you’ve recommended with clear, realistic imagery.
    Avoid watermarks and trademarks. If you’re re-using imagery from other social accounts, be sure to remove any watermarks or trademarks tied to those accounts.
    Do not use wording like “dupe,” “fake,” or “faux” or any similar connotation in connection with a brand. Do not knowingly promote counterfeit products or products that infringe the intellectual property rights of others (e.g. you may describe something as a “faux snakeskin” bag or “fake fur coat,” but you may not promote the sale of a “fake Goodthreads shirt” or “Goodthreads purse dupe” if the item is not produced by Goodthreads). Learn more about Amazon’s Anti-Counterfeit policy.


    I can’t find the main menu in the Amazon Shopping app. How do I find my storefront?
    We’re always testing new features to create the best shopping experience possible, which means sometimes things might appear a little different. If you don’t see your name after tapping the app’s main menu (☰), go back to the app’s homepage and look for an icon that resembles a person and tap it. Next, tap your name to get to your profile. Once you’re in your profile, tap ‘Shop my favorite products’ to go to your storefront.

    Can I share my Shoppable Photos? Yes, please do! Make sure that you manually add your affiliateID as the URL for the page with your single photo and tagged products that do not have your storeID automatically built in. In order to add your affiliate ID, on desktop, go into Associate Central and go to the 'Product Linking' tab and click on the 'Link to Any Page' section, then use the 'Create a Link to any page tool'. This will allow you to build a link to your single photo view with your storeID so that you are set up to earn!

    How is the order of photos determined? Like other social media feeds, most recent uploads will appear first.

    How do I edit my photo, including adding or removing tagged items? Editing isn’t available yet. For now, you can delete and repost a photo. To delete: click the three dots in the upper right corner of your post and choose delete.

    I uploaded a photo but I don't see it. Where did it go? It’s in a brief moderation queue. Give it 10-15 seconds and then refresh the page—you should see it now.

    Can I use photos I’ve posted in other places, like Instagram?
    Sure! Be sure to remove any watermarks, logos, or other visual cues specific to where you’re posting to be eligible for distribution on Amazon.
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