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Save time and track all of your Amazon Associate earnings in one place
Have you ever wondered how to track performance of the many store IDs you have—across programs like the Amazon Associates program, Amazon Influencer Program, and Amazon Onsite Associates Program as well as across countries? We have an answer: Consolidated Summary of Earnings.

This easy and informative feature on Associates Central simplifies the management of your Amazon Associates account with a holistic view of your earnings in a single location. You can get a summary of your affiliate commissions and analyze performance data in one place by linking your store IDs.

This video provides a quick overview of the top benefits of Consolidated Summary of Earnings as well as the simple steps to set it up.

Consolidated control in minutes

Set-up is easy. Go to “Manage my account” then click on “Link my Store IDs.” You will see all the store IDs that are eligible for linking. Choose the store IDs you want to have linked—or link up to 25 of them at a time with a single click, simply repeating the linking operation in batches if you have more than 25 store IDs.

Data at your fingertips

When you want to access your consolidated report, go to “Reports” then click on “Consolidated Summary of Earnings.” If you have linked store IDs in more than one country, you will see a global summary of your total earnings along with details of each country's total earnings on a summary card. If you have multiple store IDs and they are all within one country, there will be just a single country card with all store IDs within that card.

Delve deeper into the data by clicking on the country's card to get a more granular view of the "On Amazon" and "Off Amazon" earnings. “On Amazon” earnings are earnings from referrals from your placements within the Amazon online store, and include Influencer storefronts, Onsite Associates placements, as well as Amazon Live. “Off Amazon” earnings are from referrals from your placements outside of the Amazon’s online store such as publisher websites and blogs.

Start today

With Consolidated Summary of Earnings, you will have more time to focus on what you do best: writing great content and expanding your influence. Set up this easy-to-use tool today!

Visit our help page for more information.
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