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Prime Day 2019: Know Your Deals

Prime Day 2019 promises to offer over one million deals! Although that's certainly something worth celebrating, the sheer volume of deals available all at once can also be overwhelming.

Luckily for you, that means that your readers will look to you to help them understand Prime Day and find the products that are exciting to them. And, in turn, you can reap huge Prime Day commissions just by being smart about what types of deals are available and how you promote them.

Use this guide to get to know the different types of Prime Day deals, where you can find them, and how you can incorporate them into your Prime Day earnings strategies. And, of course, feel free to pass this info along to your readers as well. It will definitely help you build up that Prime Day buzz and position yourself as a trusted Prime Day expert.

Following Deals

Before we get into the specifics of each deal type, let's look at some of the tools available to help you keep track of deals in real-time.

The Amazon shopping app gives you the option to get notifications about upcoming deals. Using the app, you can preview upcoming deals, add them to a watchlist, and get notifications when the deal goes live. Although this is a tool that's available to all Amazon users at any time, it's especially useful to you as an associate on Prime Day.

You can also use third-party websites and apps (like Honey or CamelCamelCamel) to track products you're interested and get notifications when those products are discounted.

Create lists ahead of time with products and deals that you'd love to link your readers to. Then, just keep a close eye on your notifications on Prime Day, and you'll be ready to send out updates to your readers when something relevant to them pops up.

Of course, some Prime Day deals are easy to follow and promote, while others require just a little more planning and work. With that said, let's dive into one main types of Prime Day deals!

Lightning Deals

The most common type of deal available on Prime Day will be Lightning Deals. Although Amazon always has Lightning Deals, on Prime Day they play host to some of the biggest discounts and most exciting offers. You can find them by clicking on "Lightning Deals" under "Deal Type" on the Amazon Deals page.

The catch with Lightning Deals is that they only last for a limited amount of time or a limited quantity, so they're often gone in just minutes. As an Associate, this makes them particularly challenging, although not impossible, for you to promote.

If you want to feature Lightning Deals, you'll want to set up a way to communicate with your audience throughout the day, such as via social media or a continuously updating blog post. You can watch Lightning Deals to get notifications about when they go live, then notify your readers in real time.

There are also Prime Early Access Lightning Deals, which grant Prime members 30-minutes early access to certain Lightning Deals. You can find these deals by clicking on "Prime Early Access Deals" under "Deal Type" on the Amazon Deals page.

Spotlight Deals

These are the prime deals of Prime Day. Spotlight Deals feature deep discounts on top brands and popular items in each category. Because Spotlight Deals last longer and have larger quantities of stock, they're much easier to promote on your website or blog.

You can access Prime Day Spotlight Deals by visiting Amazon's Prime Day hub page. Prime Day Spotlight deals will be accessible from July 15th at midnight PT and for the first time ever - runs for 48 hours.

Even though Spotlight Deals last longer than Lightning Deals, they still don't last forever, so it still doesn't hurt to send your readers an update about relevant Spotlight Deals as soon they're available.


Amazon typically offers deep discounts on their services on Prime Day, so Bounties offer another opportunity for your readers to score a deal and you to bring in some extra earnings for yourself.

First off, users will need a Prime account to take advantage of Prime Day deals, so a great place to start is to promote Prime memberships. Last year, Amazon welcomed more new users to Prime on July 16th than on any previous day in Amazon history, so this alone is a substantial market that you can tap into. Your readers will get a discounted Prime membership and access to all the great Prime Day deals, and you'll get a $3 commission plus users who are ready to shop. It's a win all around!

But your commissions don't have to stop there. Before Prime Day hits, refamiliarize yourself with the Bounty program and the various Bounties available. Bounties are a great way to boost your Prime Day earnings because they're easy to link to, they pay a flat rate commission for every user who signs up, and, unlike deals on products, they never run out!

Popular Deal Categories

You can make some solid predictions about what's going to be popular—and heavily discounted—on Prime Day just by looking at what was popular on Prime Days past. Not only has Amazon published some information on this subject, but you can also browse posts about what products and deal categories were popular with other Amazon Associates to get a general idea. (Here are some examples published by Business Insider and Wirecutter.)

One other popular deal category to take into special consideration on Prime Day is Amazon devices and branded products. Amazon typically offers some of its biggest discounts on its own products on Prime Day, and, in turn, these devices are typically some of Amazon's biggest Prime Day sellers.

In 2018, seven out of the top eleven sellers on Prime Day were Amazon Products, with the most popular items being Fire TV Sticks, Echo Dots, and Fire TVs.

Traffic is Still Key

Even if you don't feel like dealing with the ins and outs of particular deals or Bounties, you can still see increased prime day earnings just by putting in a little extra effort to drive traffic on Prime Day.

After all, millions of products will be discounted, so it's pretty likely that if your readers end up on Amazon they'll find something that they want to buy. And if you're the one who sent them there, you're picking up the commission no matter what it is.

You're All Ready!

Now that you've gotten the lay of the land, you'll be able to navigate the busy landscape of Prime Day deals with ease and translate your expertise into a strategy that maximizes your earnings.

And hey, maybe pick up a little something for yourself on this Prime Day as well. After all your hard work, you'll deserve it. Plus we heard there's going to be some really amazing deals available.
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