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Prime Day is July 12 & 13 - Delight your followers with the best deals yet!

Earn up to 2x more with limited-time higher rates! Starting July 4,
we’re upping standard rates on a variety of popular categories.

That’s right – you can make even bigger commissions from July 4 to July 24 on qualifying purchases.
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Top 10 things you can do to earn more this Prime Day

Prime Day could be your single biggest opportunity this year to earn with Amazon. Use these proven tips and tricks to surprise and delight your followers with the biggest deals of the year and get paid more for doing what you love. Get a preview of the biggest deals in our press release. To discover even more, check out our picks for fashion deals, beauty deals, devices and electronics deals. As a bonus, we even hand-picked trending deals for you to inspire your audience, like colorful kitchen accessories, retro styles, travel essentials, backyard deals, and coffee lover must-haves.

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Plan for success

1. Make a Prime Day Hub
Create a single page for all your Prime Day recommendations, including descriptions of your favorite promotions and deals. Whenever posting content about Prime Day, be sure to drive traffic to your Hub using links or hashtags to maximize shopping opportunities.

2. Hype Amazon Prime memberships
Your followers will need a Prime membership to take advantage of all Prime Day deals, so promoting Prime should be a key part of your prep strategy. Remember, you earn a $3 commission with every free trial sign-up, including Prime Student. Remember to share the perks that come with Prime memberships, like 1 free year of Grubhub+ with $0 delivery fees, included with Prime. See the full list of perks here.

3. Set up notifications to track the latest deals
Prime Day features millions of deals globally, and they move fast. Set up notifications on the Amazon mobile app and quickly add links to the products your followers will love in your reco’s. Or just say, “Alexa, keep me updated on Prime Day!”

4. Pinpoint your followers’ interests
Review past events, promotions, and deals to predict what your audience might love next. Consider trending categories like devices, toys, beauty, home and Prime Video. Look at your followers’ purchases in your Earnings Report on Associates Central. Poll your audience on social media to learn what they’re looking for on Prime Day. And don’t forget to head over to Idea Hub to check out Customer Most Loved, Best Sellers, Bounties and Real-Time Deals.

5. Maximize your commission potential by uploading videos – in bulk
Enrich your Amazon Storefront by publishing your product reviews, buying guides and unboxing videos, where you’re eligible to earn affiliate commissions on qualifying purchases. You can now bulk upload on Desktop (up to 15 videos at once) and videos don’t need to be exclusive to Amazon. Learn more here.

Leading up to Prime Day

6. Create a social buzz around your Prime Day Hub early
It’s super important to keep a regular cadence and highlight key details leading up to the event. Remember—once followers click on your links to Amazon, you earn on any qualifying purchases they add to their carts within 24 hours and purchase within 89 days. Use social tools like Highlights, countdown clocks and polls to engage your audience early.

7. Make an opt-in Prime Day email list
Send reminders and real-time updates to your followers leading up to Prime Day. Don’t forget to add the link to your Prime Day Hub page as well.

8. Reach out early
Start early each morning of Prime Day by reaching out to your followers via social media and email—direct them to your Prime Day Hub for your recommended deals and promotions.

9. Check Idea Hub for our top Prime Day recommendations
These hand-picked deals make it easier for you to track the latest trending deals. Picks are updated hourly, so be sure to visit Idea Hub frequently throughout the day. Plus— keep checking the Prime Day page for live deals and content to increase your followers’ traffic. To support small businesses, look for products with a Small Business badge, and tell your audience that they can enter our Small Business Sweepstakes (no purchase necessary) and earn more entries by shopping small. Learn more here. Valid through 7/11/2022.

Keep your followers up to date

10. Send updates throughout the event
Use email and social media to send real-time updates throughout the event, highlighting the incredible savings and deep discounts available worldwide. Remember— make sure to link to your site or your Hub only. Affiliate links should not be posted in any paid social ads or emails (you won’t get credit for those sales).

For more details about Prime Day 2022, check out our official press releases.
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