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Introducing new Native Shopping Ads Reports

We are excited to announce a dedicated report for Native Shopping Ads that includes new information like Viewability, RPM (revenue per thousand impressions) and details at the level of Ad Type/Ad Format. With this update, our goal is to help you understand the performance of Native Shopping Ads better – Ability to slice data at various levels will help you arrive at better decisions to improve overall monetization. In addition, the Native Shopping Ads item within the Link Type Report will continue to be available as usual, at approximately 7:00 AM Pacific Time* How to access new Native Shopping Ads Reports?

There are two ways to access these reports - via the main Reports page, and the Native Shopping Ads home page. We'll illustrate both ways below:

1) The first way to access new Native Shopping Reports is via the ‘Native Shopping Ads summary card’. Once you login to the main Reports page, this card appears on bottom right of the page.
Click on ‘see detailed reports’ to view detailed Native Shopping Ads Reports
2) Another way to access new Native Shopping Reports is via the Native Shopping Ads home page, as shown below.
Additionally, we have also made it possible to access these Reports via the "Link type performance" section in the reports.

Log in to Associate Central, and click on ‘Reports’ tab in the navigation below.
Once you click on Reports tab, click on the ‘Fees’ tab
Under ‘Link Type Performance’ on Fees tab, click on ‘Native Shopping Ads’ to view the Native Shopping Ads Reports.

*This report will be updated every day at approximately12 PM Pacific Time – which is also reflected as a time stamp on the Reports page here.
What are the new data features?
Introducing RPM RPM or Revenue per thousand impressions is a universally accepted metric used to measure performance by publishers. It is calculated by dividing overall earnings with impressions, multiplied by 1000.

RPM helps assess effectiveness of ads in generating revenue. We have introduced this feature in the new Native Shopping Ads Reports and this will help you estimate earnings based on your traffic.
Introducing Viewability An impression rendered is not necessarily viewed. Real opportunity of conversion or consumer action is only on impressions that are viewable by the consumer. For example, if an ad is at the bottom of a page, it would get ‘rendered’ when the page loads but becomes ‘viewable’ only when the consumer scrolls down the page. This is called ‘Viewability’. Viewability is a metric that tells you the % of times when the ad rendered on your page is actually viewable by a visitor.

We have introduced Viewability in the new Native Shopping Ads Reports. Knowing ‘Viewability’ helps you identify opportunities to make the ads more visible and hence drive more conversions.

Viewability= Viewable Impressions/Total Impressions*100

Click here to read more on understanding Viewability.
Performance graphs
Get a detailed view of day-to-day earnings in an easy-to-view format with ‘performance graphs’
Ad Type and Ad Format reporting
If you use one or a mix of Native Shopping Ads types (Recommendation, Search or Custom) and formats (Grid, List, Card), you can now view performance as per placement in each tracking ID. This can help you optimize placement-level performance.

View for a single Tracking ID
View for users with multiple Tracking IDs
Download dedicated Native Shopping Ads Reports
Native Shopping Ads Report can also be downloaded for further offline analysis at your end.
You can view all FAQs related to the new Native Shopping Ads Reports here.
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