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How to Monetize International Traffic with the Amazon Associates Program

Being an online creator and Amazon Associate means your audience and “market” aren’t necessarily limited to the country you live in. The internet’s global reach and Amazon’s widespread presence means you can share your work and recommendations with audiences all over the world. If you’ve been thinking about expanding your Associates Program footprint and monetizing international traffic, read on: this is your how-to guide.

Why You Should Internationalize

First let’s establish why it’s worth it to broaden your affiliate efforts to include other countries. It comes down to two big reasons:

1. It's more inclusive

Making the effort to provide a localized experience for your readers shows that you appreciate each of their interest and support equally. We can all recall a time we were intrigued by a product and clicked a link to learn more, only to land on a foreign website with irrelevant pricing and shipping information that required more clicks to actually purchase. It’s a bummer.

It also sends a message: you’re not the target audience. And if your goal is to expand your market, this is clearly the opposite of how you want your brand to come across.

2. It's good business

There’s a good chance you’re already getting a meaningful amount of international traffic, and not offering localized processes for those visitors could mean you’re missing their business entirely. When you give patrons a tailored experience — and remove the geographical barriers to purchasing your recommended products — you’re more likely to earn their loyalty (and clicks).

In short, internationalizing your affiliate marketing is a worthwhile way to boost your engagement and earnings.

Now: how to do it.

How to Sign Up for Other Markets

The Associates Program is currently available in twelve additional locales beyond the US: the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, Japan, Spain, India, Brazil, Mexico, China, and Australia. Technically, every locale has its own program, and you will need to apply separately to each one you’d like to join. (Click any of the preceding links to do that, or select your target marketplaces from the dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the Associates Program website before logging in.)
Don’t worry: you won’t have to manage and monitor them separately! We’ve created handy tools to enable you to operate and track all your markets together.

Not sure which markets you should join? Your website analytics will tell you. Go where the traffic is coming from!

Once you’re signed up for all your chosen locations, it’s time to link your accounts and set up link redirecting. You’ll do this with OneLink.

How to Redirect Your Links

OneLink is an amazing tool and is fundamental to conducting Amazon affiliate marketing on an international scale. This script-based solution automatically redirects clicks on your Amazon links to the user’s local or nearest Amazon store. Even better: if you choose, it will connect them to a similar product if your exact recommendation isn’t available in their marketplace. (You can select this option in the Additional Settings section of the OneLink homepage.)

With this solution in place, shoppers see pricing in their local currency and accurate shipping information (and potentially feel those welcoming vibes you’re hoping to give off).

Setting up OneLink is a straightforward three-step process:
You’ll link all your accounts across geographies to your U.S. account, integrate a snippet of code into your website, and … well actually, that’s it. The final step is simply: start earning!

For a detailed walk-through of each part of the process, check out the OneLink integration guide. There’s also a lot of helpful info in the FAQs.

Onto payment!

How to Collect Earnings from International Traffic

You have three payment options for commissions earned across geographies: mailed check, Amazon Gift Card, or — newly available for select locales — bank transfer (aka international direct deposit)! If you have a bank account in the US, UK, or Eurozone, you can opt to receive your international payments for commissions earned from any of the following seven Associate programs: the US, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Canada via direct deposit through your local bank account.

Here’s a look at how to enable this:
As with OneLink, we’ve put together a thorough implementation guide and an FAQ list for international direct deposit: both here. Beyond bank transfers, you can set or change any of your payment preferences in Account Settings (found in the drop down menu under your email address in the top right corner of your screen).

Now with all sign-ups and set-ups complete, it’s time to check in on how things are going!

How to Monitor Affiliate Activity Across Markets

As we hinted at earlier, you can review your progress and earnings for all your markets — both combined and separately — in one place: the Global Summary Report.
The Global Reports portal features two parts: a Total Earnings figure broken out by market, and individual market summary “tiles” that can be clicked for more detailed views.
Note: once you've adopted OneLink and signed up for other countries, this report will automatically show your earnings in those other markets — no special configurations required. (Get more details about the Global Summary Report in the FAQ.)

Analyzing the data points in this report will likely spark some brainstorming about how to optimize your content and scale up your marketing efforts to better engage international audiences. Want our pointers? Take a look at that article here!
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