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Finding Promo Codes and Deals for Your Followers
We have an entire tool dedicated to curating promo codes you can share with your followers, including future codes so you can plan your content in advance. When your followers make a purchase from your link, you can get commission.

Here’s how to use it:

Step 1: Go to Associates Central > Promotions > Amazon Promo Codes

Step 2 (Optional): Filter the codes by either “Currently Active” or “Upcoming” or by Category to find codes that are relevant to you and your audiences’ interests.

Step 3: Look through the links on the page to see which promos you’d like to share.

Step 4: Click “Get Link” on the promo code you want to share to create a link that gives you commission.

Step 5: Share that link with your followers.

IMPORTANT: You must remove any links and related references to limited-time promotions from your site and/or social as soon as that promotion ends.

After your followers click on the promo code link you share, the code will be automatically applied and the final price will be shown at checkout.

Create a folder on your phone to quickly organize pictures of you wearing or using the products you buy on Amazon. That way, if one of these products goes on sale, you already have content to share. Allie P. Hunter says, “Look at your top-sellers and items you know your audience loves. This is a great time to repost an audience favorite if it’s on sale!”
You may know about the Today’s Deals page on Amazon, but there are a few tricks to get the most out of those steals.

Tip 1: Sort by “Discount: High to Low” to show the biggest deals first.

Tip 2: Set up alerts for deals to get a push notification when deals you’re interested in sharing go live. Filter the Today’s Deals page by “Upcoming” then click “Watch this deal” on the products you’re interested in. Watch this video to learn how to turn on notifications.

Tip 3: Filter by Prime Eligibility, Department, Price Range, and Average Review to sort through the products.

Tip 4: Some category pages on Amazon also have Sales & Deals sections, like the Amazon Fashion page. Keep an eye out for these sections as you’re browsing Amazon.
PRO TIP: When you’re sharing links to individual products, you need to use our linking tools to get commission. On Desktop, use SiteStripe. On Mobile, use GetLink. If you’re unsure a link has your correct affiliate information attached, you can use our Link Checker tool.

PRO TIP: Try searching the Today’s Deals page for deals in a single category and curating your favorites! The Bargain Sisters regularly create collages of their favorite Amazon finds, helping their followers discover new products in the categories they’re interested in.
When you share qualifying Amazon subscription and services with your followers, you can be eligible to earn a bounty. For example, each eligible follower who signs up for a Prime Membership trial through your link earns you a $3 bounty. But did you know all of the perks for these subscriptions and services? For example, Prime members can also get free food delivery for a year with Grubhub+.

Here’s how to earn these bounties.

Step 1: Find programs that pay a bounty by checking out Associates Central > Promotions > Amazon Bounty Program.

Step 2: When you find a subscription or service you’re interested in promoting, click into the respective landing page to see the eligible perks and benefits you can share with your followers.

Step 3: On your desktop, click “Get Link” to share with your followers and earn a bounty.

Note: You’ll need to create the link on desktop if you want to share on mobile.
PRO TIP: Tell your audience how the subscription or service benefits your life. For example, if you’re a Prime Student member, you can talk about how you’re using 6 months free of LinkedIn Premium to search for a summer internship. Planning a wedding? You can talk about how the Amazon Wedding Registry makes keeping track of gifts, thank you cards, and addresses super organized.
To promote Amazon shopping app downloads and earn bounties, BuzzFeed wrote a post highlighting the benefits of the Amazon shopping app, like Amazon Lens and Alexa. See their example post here. When you’re promoting subscriptions and sign-ups to your audience, we recommend showcasing the customer benefits.
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