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How To Find A Blog Theme

To earn money with a blog, you need to choose the right topic. Search engines prefer blogs with an instantly recognizable theme that’s easily cataloged, and thematically focused blogs are an easier sell to readers. From a business perspective, networking often works better if you limit your blog to covering one industry. Plus, a thematic focus directly helps earn money: advertisers want to reach an engaged and pre-targeted audience. Finally, it’s easier to become an authority on a narrowly focused subject and make a name for yourself in a single area.
  • What makes a good theme
  • Tips for finding the right topic for you
  • To future proof your theme
  • Purpose, Then Theme

    The right theme for you depends very much on your own goals. If you want to make money with your blog, you should ensure interest in the subject is large enough and there’s sufficient financial potential in the sector to reward your efforts. Therefore, a good topic is something you choose once you’ve decided on your personal goals.

    It’s also very important to choose a topic that you are passionate about. This will help you be engaged and prepared to invest your time in.

    Follow Your Theme

    Some suggestions for coming up with an interesting blog topic:
    • Brainstorming:
      Think about your own interests and ideas. Create a mind map, list your ideas, anything that springs to mind – and discuss them with someone who knows you well.
    • Hobbies, Pastimes, Jobs:
      Hobbies make for very suitable blog topics – as does the work you do or a sport you play. This is because it’s likely you’’ll know what you’re talking about.
    • Interests And Passions:
      Generally, it makes sense to consider a topic you find yourself spending your spare time in – you’’ll know where to look to do your research, and you’ve already demonstrated an interest in the subject area.
    • Earning Potential:
      If you want to make money, look for lucrative topics, for example areas which are already well represented in affiliate networks, in magazines or online shops.
    • Offer Something The Competition Doesn't:
      What are the major blogs in a specific subject area? How can you improve upon their offering?
    • Article Ideas:
      You should ideally be able to think up 10 or more article ideas immediately. If this is not the case, the subject is not well suited for you.
    • A Subject With A Future:
      A good subject is also distinguished by its future potential. If you can imagine yourself blogging about a topic in a few years’ time, then it’s likely worth further consideration. Also, will the topic be relevant in a few years?
    • Can't Wait?
      A very good sign is if you can’t wait to start blogging. Beware, many bloggers are very active to begin with, but quit after a while. Blogging is more of a marathon than a sprint.

    Questions To Ask Before Committing

    If you've created a shortlist of a few interesting topics, you should then ask yourself a few questions about each before taking the final decision:
    • Do I Constantly Want To Write About This Theme?
      If you feel passionate about your topic, you’ll feel the desire to constantly write about it and keep your blog up-to-date
    • Does The Topic Have A Passionate Audience?
      A topic should arouse emotions – this ensures more comments and reader commitment, which will help to maintain your own involvement and enthusiasm.
    • Does The Theme Support My Goals?
      The theme should directly support your goals – ask yourself honestly if they do before committing.
    • How Flexible Am I With The Topic?
      Don’t put too narrow limits on your theme: your choice of topic should be general enough that it leaves you room to explore other areas as your blog becomes more established and lucrative.
    If you’ve answered these questions to your own satisfaction, then a theme is likely to be suitable for a new blog.
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