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Getting started with the Amazon Wedding Registry bounty
Bounty promotions can be a meaningful source of additional affiliate earnings—if you make them a meaningful part of your strategy. The commissions are generous, and new promotions are added daily: there’s potential for a big commissions boost! If you are new to promoting the Amazon Wedding Registry and/or would like to get tips on how to best promote it, check out the details below to help you get started.

Why would your readers love Amazon Wedding Registry?

There are many ways to tell your readers about Amazon Wedding Registry, and plenty of benefits for you to choose from and frame it in your content. Some of the reasons include:

Gift Advisor
Let us help find the right number of gifts and the right price points for you! Just let us know the number of guests you’re expecting and we’ll guide you through how many items to add.

Easy returns and exchanges
If the color isn’t right or the couch doesn’t fit, tell your readers to take their time to figure it out. They have 180 days to return a wedding gift from their registry.

Shared gifting on big-ticket items
Tell your readers not to worry about adding higher priced items to their registry. With Amazon Wedding Registry, they get access to a Group Gifting feature so friends and family can all contribute to pricier items they love.

2 gifts for the price of 1
Your readers can get some extra love delivered to their front door. If their guests buy registry items from select brands, your readers get a free gift!

Special discounts just for them
Is there that one must-have gift still remaining on the registry? Your readers can enjoy a one-time 20% off discount on anything left on their registry before the big day.

But there’s more than that! Check out additional benefits here on Amazon.

What are some of the ways that other associates have shared this bounty?

Include a wedding registry link in a gifting list or product recommendation article.
Curbed created an article sharing their recommendations of the best wedding gifts under $250. Each of the products they included in the article linked to a place where the reader could buy. Before diving into all of their wedding gift recommendations, they mention Amazon Wedding Registry. That way, the registry is top of mind as readers go through the list and see that items they love are available on Amazon. Check out the article here.
Source: Curbed - https://www.curbed.com/2017/6/16/15806308/best-wedding-gifts-under-250-home-goods-shop
Share an article going over the benefits of a wedding registry on Amazon.
Business Insider shared an article that mentioned the availability of Amazon Wedding Registry and all the benefits and perks that couples can get from it. As mentioned above, this includes things from bonus gifts to free shipping for Prime and non-Prime members to gift financing and more. They also created other articles that share recommendations about the most popular wedding gifts under $50 or the top 22 trending gifts on every couple’s wedding registry this year. Check out the articles here, here and here.
Source: Business Insider - http://www.businessinsider.com/amazon-wedding-registry-benefits-perks

How do I get started?

To get a tagged affiliate link, use this URL: https://www.amazon.com/wedding?tag=AssociateTrackingID. (Don’t forget to include your Associate ID). You can also find that by visiting the Featured Promotions page in Associates Central.

Need more information about the Bounty Program?

Check out this Bounty Program 101 article in the Resource Center to learn more about how it works. Or, read this 3 ways to earn meaningful affiliate income (that aren't product recommendations) article, which includes tips about the Bounty Program.
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