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Earn commissions with the Amazon Music Bounty
Bounties—fixed commissions earned when your visitors try or sign up for Amazon services—provide a great way to continually boost your affiliate earnings. Now you can include Amazon Music as part of your bounty strategy, earning money while offering exciting music- and podcast-related content for your audience. Read on for more details, plus tips and tools for effectively promoting one of Amazon’s most popular entertainment experiences.

What is Amazon Music?

Amazon Music is a digital streaming service that reimagines music and podcast listening across a wide range of devices. Prime members have access to 2 million songs, ad-free, at no additional cost to their membership. Listeners can also enjoy the premium subscription service, Amazon Music Unlimited, which provides access to more than 70 million songs and the latest new releases. With Amazon Music HD, customers have access to the highest-quality listening experience available, with more than 70 million songs available in High Definition (HD), millions of songs in Ultra HD, and a growing catalog of 3D Audio. And anyone can enjoy free access to an ad-supported selection of top playlists and stations on Amazon Music.

As of September 2020, Amazon Music is also streaming podcasts. You’ll find thousands of shows and over a million episodes to choose from, including original podcasts you won’t find anywhere else, like The First One with DJ Khaled, That Scene with Dan Patrick, and En La Sala with Becky G.

Amazon Music has also introduced livestreaming in the iOS and Android apps. Powered by Twitch, livestreams offer a new way for fans to stay connected to their favorite artists. To check it out, open your Amazon Music app, tap “Find”, then explore what’s “Live”.

Why will your readers love Amazon Music Unlimited?

  • Unlimited access to 70 million songs – including thousands of playlists and top stations
  • New music released weekly
  • Ad-free listening – uninterrupted, high-quality audio
  • Offline listening – download to listen to your favorite music, wherever you are
  • Hands-free listening with Alexa – exclusive voice features

Two ways to earn Music Bounties

Use these easy tools to add engaging music content — and a new revenue stream — into your site and posts.

1. Music Deeplinks

Our Deeplink tool allows you to select music from the Amazon Music catalog to share and provides a visual asset that can live right on your web page. A second or two after your visitor hits the play button, they are offered a free trial of Amazon Music. Each time a visitor signs up, you earn a bounty.

To set up a Music Deeplink, choose a track, album, station, or playlist from the Amazon Music catalog. Click on the icon with a circle and three dots, then select “Share Playlist.”

Click “Copy Link,” then add your Store ID to the back end of the Deeplink you just created.

2. Embed Widgets

Widgets let you embed playable tracks, albums, and playlists into your content. As music plays, visitors are offered a free Amazon Music trial. Just as with the Deeplink, you select a song, album, or playlist (stations are not yet supported) from the Amazon Music catalog. Click on the icon with a circle and three dots, then select “Share Playlist.” Instead of copying the link, click on the “Embed” button.
Again, add your Store ID on the back end of the embedded link. All resulting sign-ups will earn you a bounty.

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1. How can I earn a bounty when my visitors sign up for the Amazon Music Unlimited 30-day free trial?

Associates are eligible to earn a bounty for each referred visitor who signs up for an Amazon Music Unlimited 30-day free trial. Associates are eligible to receive $3 for each Amazon Music Unlimited free trial provided that a) your visitor is eligible for the trial, b) the banner directs your visitor to the designated landing page, and c) your visitor completes their 30-day trial registration. If a visitor you refer signs up for an Amazon Music Unlimited free trial through any other web page (for instance, when prompted during the checkout process on Amazon.com), you will not earn the bounty.

2. Is Amazon Music Unlimited only available to Prime customers?

No, it is available to any eligible customer. Prime customers, however, enjoy a discounted subscription rate.

3. Does Prime Music still exist?

Yes, but it is now called Amazon Music Prime. Prime members get access to 2 million songs, ad-free, included with their membership. Prime members can access this selection — along with all Amazon Music podcasts — using the Amazon Music app.

4. Does a visitor need to complete the Amazon Music Unlimited 30-day free trial before I get paid?

No. You will be paid a bounty for all eligible Amazon Music Unlimited free trials initiated, regardless of whether the visitor completes the 30-day trial period or not.

5. How can I track how many Amazon Music memberships I have referred?

You can view your earnings for eligible Amazon Music Unlimited bounties by logging into Associates Central and navigating to “Reports.” Your bounty report will be available under the “Bounties” tab. Click here to check your Bounty reports.

6. Is everyone eligible for an Amazon Music Unlimited free trial?

A customer is eligible for a free trial as long as they a) have not participated in an Amazon Music free trial within the preceding 12 months on the associated account or credit card for either service and (b) are over 18. Eligibility requirements are subject to change by Amazon.

7. What constitutes a valid purchase?

An Amazon Music free trial must be initiated with a valid credit card (which must not be declined). The definition of a valid purchase is subject to change by Amazon.

8. How can I earn a bounty when my visitors sign up for the Amazon Music Unlimited 30-day free trial?

No, you will be paid the same $3 bounty upon the sign-up for a free trial, regardless of the value of the plan.

9. Is Amazon Music Unlimited only available on Echo?

No. The Amazon Music app is available on Fire devices, iOS, Android, Web, PC and Mac, as well as any device with Alexa integration (such as Sonos).
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