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Getting the Most Out of Amazon Lens “Shop the look”
(note: StyleSnap has been renamed “Shop the look”)

Do you love sharing your favorite fashion or furniture finds with your audience on social? Amazon Lens “Shop the look” makes it easy to shop the photos from your phone. Your followers can shop your social posts by taking a screenshot and uploading the photo into Amazon Lens on the Amazon App. And you can earn on the qualifying sales you inspire!

How Amazon Lens “Shop the look” works

Your followers can easily recreate your looks with just a screenshot of an inspo look: they open Amazon Lens, upload a picture, and get visually similar product recommendations, or even the exact item that you’re showcasing!

It starts with a Screenshot:
  • Tap the Lens camera icon in the right of the search bar at the top of the Amazon shopping app.
  • Select the tab “Shop the look” in the bottom left (note: Amazon Lens will open on the last tab visited within the camera feature suite, and features an explanatory photo for first-time visitors only).
  • Click “Upload a Photo” to upload an image from your phone and let Amazon Lens work its magic. Browse through results to shop similar styles.

How Amazon influencers can earn revenue

Wondering how you can earn from qualified purchases via Amazon Lens? The magic is in Shoppable Photos. You’ll add your fashion-focused and home decor social media images as Shoppable Photos to your Amazon storefront. When your follower uploads a screenshot to Amazon Lens, Amazon will match the image with your associated Shoppable Photo, and apply your attribution. Anytime one of your shoppable images is matched to an Amazon Lens “Shop the look” search, and ends with a qualified customer purchase, you will earn.

Not only do you receive commissions for qualified purchases of the products you tagged, but also for the similar items that Amazon Lens recommends when it brings back a search result tied to your Shoppable Photo. You will earn if the customer buys the exact item featured in your picture OR suggested items returned in the Amazon Lens search results. So, with “Shop the Look,” you are potentially increasing your chances to earn by showcasing multiple products in a search result instead of just one.

Upload Shoppable Photos to your influencer storefront so they can be attributed to you in Amazon Lens “Shop the look” searches. You also receive commissions for purchases of other items made on Amazon (even if it’s not tagged in your Shoppable Photo or on your influencer storefront) during the session. You can find more info about how to add Shoppable Photos to your storefront here.

Where are the places Amazon Influencers can earn through Amazon Lens “Shop the look”?

There are 3 places on Amazon where influencer images are featured and link to a “Shop the look” search result, giving influencers the potential to earn:
1) 'Upload a Photo' Search Results

When your follower takes a screenshot of your social post (TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest) and uploads it to search for the items in the post or similar styles. If a customer buys the exact item, or items suggested from the Amazon Lens search results, you will earn - as long as you have set up the matching shoppable photos on your storefront to trigger the attribution.
  • Encourage your followers to upload as many screenshots of your content from your social media channels as possible so they can conduct their own “Shop the look” search. The more customers search by uploading screenshots of your social, the more potential you have to earn.
  • Of all the places where images can be featured, this is one place where you can have a lot of influence!
2) The 'Explore Looks' feed on the “Shop the look” landing page

When a customer clicks your image on the ‘Explore Looks’ feed on the “Shop the look” tab they land on search results for that look. The search results often display a link to your influencer storefront. We recommend that you keep your storefront updated with a robust assortment of your favorite picks for your followers to shop.
3) The “Shop the look” widget on search results pages

We display the influencer images that match with the customer’s search request. Technology automatically does the matching.


How should I market Amazon Lens “Shop the look” to my followers, and will they understand that I’m earning commissions through it?

Let your audience know that they can shop your favorite Amazon picks when they feel inspired by what you are wearing by just ‘taking a screenshot of this outfit’ and uploading the photo on Amazon Lens to get the look and find your storefront. Encourage them to click the Lens camera icon on the Amazon app to recreate your look!

As always, you must comply with all applicable laws and regulations when you could earn from a referral, including by providing all necessary disclosures. Remember, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires that material connections between advertisers and endorsers are disclosed to customers. Read more about FTC Endorsement Guides. You can also find more guidance in the FTC’s Disclosures 101 for Social Media Influencers.
Can you give me some examples of how other Amazon influencers have marketed this feature?
What are some tips for my pictures to get approved?
  • Clear, high-resolution images
  • One person per image
  • No border, watermark, or text on image
  • The background should not appear tilted
  • Trendy or stylish outfit
  • Model (you!) is forward facing
Please be sure to post your best picture in each outfit. Only one image for each outfit will be featured.

What are examples of images that get featured on Explore Looks?
How will I know if my photo was rejected?

The ‘Found It On Amazon’ #FIOA technology will alert you if a photo was rejected. Amazon Lens selects photos to feature from the #FIOA pre-approved pool of pictures.

How can I get my photos featured in the ‘Explore Looks’ feed?

There is no way to request being featured in the ‘Explore Looks’ feed on the “Shop the look” landing page. Images are randomly selected from the pool of approved ‘Found It On Amazon’ - #FIOA - Shoppable Photos.

What are some reasons why an image would not get featured on Explore Looks?
  • More than 1 person in a photo, cannot clearly see an item of clothing.
  • A shadow vignette around border of image, cannot clearly see an item of clothing.
  • The image is not taken straight on (the background is tilted).
Does a customer who uses “Shop the look” have to buy the exact item from my picture for me to earn?

No. All you have to do is inspire your followers with your style. Customers can get your look by purchasing either the exact item or similar looking items that Amazon has recommended --- either way, you earn on any purchases through a “Shop the look” search that is conducted on your Shoppable Photo.

How do I see how my posts in Amazon Lens “Shop the look” are performing?
  1. Go to Associates Central.
  2. Click on the Reporting tab.
  3. Navigate to ‘Earnings’ and click on ‘Link type performance’. There, you will see an aggregate view of the sales you’re driving through Amazon Lens Shop the Look (fka StyleSnap).
What is the fastest way to increase my Amazon Lens “Shop the look” commissions?

Encourage your social audience to ‘get your look’ by taking a screenshot of you to search on (by clicking the Lens icon in the Amazon app and uploading the screenshot via “Shop the look”).

You have a lot of influence over how many pictures of you are uploaded and searched on - and the more times people get inspired by your style to do this, the more you can potentially earn! Just don’t forget to also upload Shoppable Photos to your storefront to ensure attribution.

What must I do to receive commissions?
  1. You must upload your image to your influencer storefront as a Shoppable Photo. This will tag your photo with your Influencer account so you can earn commissions on sales you drive through Amazon Lens “Shop the look” searches.
  2. Products must be tagged on the item related to the photo (i.e., if you are tagging tops, put the dot in the center of the top).
  3. Tag no more than 5 products in one image.
  4. Use photos that clearly show the fashion products (for example, don’t use folded or hanging clothes or items that are covered by another person/item) and home furniture items.
Is this an easy process given I have to post Shoppable Photos to my storefront?

Yes! Posting Shoppable Photos on your storefront doesn’t take long and it ensures that we trigger the attribution for the upload. It also opens up more earnings potential for you in the form of the stream from purchases of any similar items that are returned as part of the StyleSnap search results. Gen Z customers have said they are excited by visual search and this is a great way for you to reach this audience. Plus, the more photos you post the more active and current your storefront looks. Customers like this.

Deleting a Shoppable Photo from your storefront will remove it from the “Explore Looks” feed. Note: if you deactivate your influencer account without deleting the images, they will continue to display to Amazon customers.

Should I not say StyleSnap anymore in marketing?

Correct. Please switch your marketing from StyleSnap to Amazon Lens Shop the look.

What should I call the functionality when I talk about it on social media?

Amazon Lens ‘Shop the look’ or even just Amazon Lens.

What is Amazon Lens?

Amazon Lens is the name of the camera feature on the Amazon App, which includes Shop the look (formerly known as StyleSnap); Camera search; View in your room; and Barcode scan.

Spread the word!

Help your followers ‘get the look’ by spreading the word on this cool feature, and explaining how the “screenshot to shop” works. Here are example captions you can use to educate your readers in your posts:

“Do you want to shop this look straight from your @Amazon App?! It’s easy… screenshot this image, tap on the 📷 in the Amazon App, and upload the photo.”

“Shop with just a screenshot? Yup, it's possible. 📸 Thanks to Amazon Lens, all the outfit inspiration you need is just an upload away.”
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